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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RTC Dream Wedding: Cinderella, Meet Panera

Wow, they've really gussied up the RIBS buses. Direct from the Twitter machine, please to be enjoying this fancy picture taken by Alex McVeigh of the Connection of a dream wedding that, much like our own schoolgirl fantasies, was held right next to a Panera's. Mindi and Philip won a Valentine's Day contest for the Reston Town Center wedding, which took place this past weekend. We've seen proposals in the same spot, so it's nice to see the circle be unbroken, by and by, the end.


  1. Jeez, security at RTC/AWOD is so lax these days that they haven't done anything about that goy in the background (just over the bride's left shoulder) urinating in the fountain. In days past, though, whenever my kids even thought about getting on the ledge of the fountain, they would hassle one/both of them/me.

  2. That's just you man. They dont like the ex-hippie types over at the RTC, stay at LAVC where you and your kind belong.


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