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Friday, May 27, 2011

On the Twitters: Pool Pass Angst, Subway Follies, and a Lucrative Blogging Gig (at Last)

Twitter! What better place to sample the zeitgeist of our beloved community as we go into a long holiday weekend? Pretty much anywhere else, but the hour is late and we still need to pick up our pool passes. So here goes:

Not true. Reston's full of sensitive Alan Alda types who aren't afraid to cry, leaf thoughtfully through earth-toned color swatches, or pick up pool passes.

Quick, someone tell him the Silver Line will be above ground in Reston before he drills down to the sleestaks.

Sweet! We'll be by for our usual bottle of '45 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Jeroboam. Plus some Slim Jims.

har har.jpg
Har, har. Look for that in the upcoming book, Planned Real Estate Development Snaps, Puns, and Comedy Bloopers.

dont disagree.jpg
Posted without comment.

Um, is that good?

That's probably not good.

What can we say? We can't speak for our 'broahs' in Alexandria or Annandale, but we do love our earth-toned suburbia.

Let's hope the statute of limitations on theater hopping has expired, or else we've seen yet another presidential campaign derailed before it even began.

Wow, with rave reviews like that, the lucrative blogging offers should be coming any minute now!

See? We've already put in a call and are optimistic. Very optimistic.


  1. "Reston, Virginia is like a wildlife preserve for aging hippies."

    True, dat.

  2. MissVWhitney, I'm glad I didn't disappoint ;-p


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