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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lake Anne Mystery Solved, A Week or So Ago

Lake Anne FB.jpg

This exciting teaser about Lake Anne Plaza was posted on "the Facebook," as the kids today don't call it, a week or so back. Turns out Alfredo & Rocio Melendez, who operated Cafe Lakeside at the Lake Anne Pharmacy before the space was taken by Roti Grill when it moved from the space currently occupied by Singh Thai, have returned. We liked Roti Grill and we liked Lakeside Cafe, so at least there's some good news.

In still more exciting news, Lake Anne will be home to the second annual Ukulele festival on July 9 and OH GOD NO MAKE THE TERRIBLE NOISES STOP


  1. Re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic saved few, if "we" doubt that ring around the lake with the restaurants will save nothing.

    Ukulele festival. There you have it, folks, the best that the 1960's had to offer. Will Tiny Tim be there too? Prolly not since there are no flowers at paved-over Lake Anne.

  2. Who doesn't love ukuleles? Hey soul sister....

  3. A ukulele festival? This is what's supposed to draw a crowd to Lake Anne!!!???

  4. LOL --- you tell me and we will both know 4:34!

    One must admit though that it is a unique idea, and I am sure one will find a remarkable collection of earth mommas and other aged hippie types at the festivus.

  5. Damn straight, 8:17. And we're going to kick some whippersnapper butt.

  6. Interesting comments on this blog. There were hippie types, but the earler open mic ukulele players were under the age of 18, what does that make that above commenter? Kidding aside, this was attended and enjoyed by all age groups -- even watched some kids get up a boogie in front of the stage of some of the performers.

    A good day had by all.


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