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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Enter Another Mauvescraper: 23-Story Building Proposed for Reston Parkway Site

Reston Pkwy.jpegA redevelopment project waiting in the wings since 1978 is preparing to move forward, as developers seek county approval for a 23-story, 400,000 square foot office building with a green rooftop park at the site of the Town Center Office Building on 1760 Reston Parkway (pictured).

The applicant proposes to build a 400,000 square foot office building with a green roof top park. The first five levels of the structure will consist of retail space and structured parking. The remaining 18 levels will be designed for office use.
Way back in 1978, Gulf Reston won approval for a development plan that called for "commercial retail and office uses with no height or intensity (FAR) restrictions." It's been three decades, but it looks like RTC Partnership LLC will take the county up on that.

The property is surrounded on three sides by Reston Spectrum, itself preparing to move forward with a massive redevelopment that promises to spell the end of our beloved Macaroni Grill and lots of less-beloved big-box schlock. Together, these proposals will extend the footprint of Reston Town Center north to Baron Cameron Avenue, which is exactly where that type of dense development should be concentrated.

The county planning commission has scheduled a public hearing on the proposal on October 6.


  1. 23 stories and 400,000 sq ft? What is this, 2004 Cutwater Court???

  2. Hey, just what we need, another office tower to stand vacant - Reston International Center is half empty, Parkridge VI by Hunter Mill and the Toll Road still totally vacant after three years, "Space for Lease" signs on virtually every office building along Sunrise Valley. And since this MauveSpire won't have the necessary setback from the street, forget about most U.S. Government entities leasing it.

  3. 10:05 am needs to come over here and clean the soda off my keyboard.

  4. WTF is funny about 10:05's comments? A cheep shot at a person who donates a TON of time to keep the community from spinning into some kind of People of Walmart nightmare-- you are both jerks.


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