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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reston Web Log Goes to -- Wait for it -- the Birds

Have you ever wanted to see a cormorant, whatever that is, spear a fish that's too big for it to eat? Well, thanks to a fellow Reston "web logger," you can do that and more. This web log exhaustively details all kinds of filthy wildlife action on Lake Thoreau, one of Reston's three favorite lakes. Loons, eagles, crows, ospreys -- you name it. We didn't need a web log to know Reston has loons, but it's exciting to get some actual photographic proof.

Lookit, here are some of those "Angry Birds" the kids with their fancy iPhones keep talking about:

In conclusion, the Internet has officially been won. Please to unplug your computer from the wall and go find a book or a "news paper" or something, the end.

(Shout-out to Secret Restonian Operative "Sean" for the link.)


  1. A while back I was walking along a path next to Lake Anne, and I saw a blue heron walking slowly through the grass.

    I thought that was kind of neat.

    Then it darted its head down and ate a chipmunk.

    Dude... nature red in tooth and claw, and all that.

  2. Birds are so cool. We've seen mockingbirds take on crows in order to drive them away from their fledglings.

    There was a pair of mockers last year that attacked people outside the Robeks behind Macaroni Grill. They were just protecting their babies but it was hilarious to watch people who were wearing "save the animals" type shirts cuss and scream at birds who were just doing what birds do! And by the way, have you ever SEEN sports parents around here? Yep, same behavior.

  3. how did i miss the part where you restored anonymous comments? what's up with that?

  4. Is cormorant another word for Loch Ness Monster?


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