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Friday, April 15, 2011

On the YouTubes: Smart Growth and Wedding Crashers II: This Time It's Personal

It's Friday, as the leading philosopher of our generation has famously opined, so why not "kick back" in front of the YouTubes with an enjoyable 11-minute video showing how "smart growth" has transformed Arlington into a hellish urban landscape, replete with congestion and chain retail globally recognized model of transit-oriented development, with some smooth jazz to sweeten your viewing experience. If we're lucky and keep clapping, things just might work out halfway as well in our own earth-toned community as the bollards start popping up, but even if you don't agree, you'll still want to fast-forward to the obligatory Cheescake Factory shot at 0:46. Who's hungry now?

If that's not your speed, please to be enjoying instead this gonzo-style video of some real-life hijinx, as a couple of lotharios and their consorts attempt to crash a wedding party at the Reston Sheraton. You may think this video is pointless, but what you don't know is that it's already been optioned for a major motion picture starting Vince Vaughn, Dame Helen Mirren and Yahoo Serious, the end.


  1. Restonian, I just noticed that the logo for Reston Painting & Contracting (www[dot]restonpaint[dot]com/logo.jpg) looks an awful lot like the polkadots on the background of your blog page. Any relation?

  2. Having watched the video, three things become apparent. The total number of cars in those shots exceeds the total numbers of folks walking, disembarking from trains and biking. The opening shots show a vast concrete wasteland where trees and grass seem mostly confined to median strips. Last, they don't even get around to mentioning children until the last minute of the video.

    Are you sure that this is what you want for Reston? I know that I don't.

    No Growth is Smart Growth.


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