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Monday, April 11, 2011

Many Happy Returns: Founder's Day Festivities Celebrate Reston's 47th, Simon's 97th

Bob with knife.jpg
Hey, nice cake! It was all part of the fun at Saturday's Founder's Day festivities, which celebrated Robert E. Simon's 97th birthday -- and Reston's 47th. What's Simon's secret to longevity and eye-pleasing earth tones?
"I drink a gin martini every day," he said.
But that wasn't all! Along with a scavenger hunt and other festivities, Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins announced a "new sustainability effort" on Founder's Day that will "ensure that Reston stays an innovative and environmentally conscious place," which we guess means that the goldenrod copy of DRB violations will be printed on recycled paper. And Secret Restonian Operative "Sean" pointed out that Dear Leader also took to the wireless (audio clip) to discuss our favorite community, and what it feels like to live near his bronze doppelganger. (Spoiler alert: His response was not "creepy.")

All joking aside, one thing we love about Reston's ur-creation myth is that Simon created our community at the age of 50. That's actually really inspiring! And it means we still have a few more years to get together that strip mall in Poughkeepsie we've been dreaming about, the end.


  1. We could promote sustainability by not publishing that very shiny non-recyclable magazine...and mailing it to each household. I'd be happy if they just went back to publishing a Reston phonebook. I'd even pay $10 for that.


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