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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Indecision 2011: Beamer Re-Elected to RA Board; Sigle Wins At-Large Seat

Apparently being the star of those fancy Reston Association videos does count for something, as dulcet-toned RA Today host Andy Sigle was elected to the at-large seat on the Reston Association Board of Directors, it was announced during tonight's RA annual meeting, which unfortunately our candystriping duties kept us from being able to attend, though our BFFs from Patch were there to record history in action. Cheryl Beamer also won re-election to the Hunters Woods/Dogwood seat.
At-large rep Richard Chew's seat was up for re-election, but he opted not to run for a second term. Other candidates in the race were Jason Carlo, Sridhar Ganesan, John E. George and Donovan D’Souza.

"I am proud to be elected," said Sigle, an executive at XO Communications and on-camera host of RA's Reston Today videos. "I look forward to working with everyone."

This is Sigle's first elected office. Beamer was elected to her second term on the RA board.

"I am very excited I will get to see some of these ideas through," said Beamer. "This is a great vote of confidence. A lot of good ideas came out of the campaign from my opponent [Victor Van Rees], and I intend to discuss them further."
Poor Amanda Andere, who was running to replace Tim McMahon as the red-headed stepchild apartment owner's rep on the board, didn't receive the required 10 percent of ballots, so a revote will be held starting April 15.

Sigle and Beamer will be on the RA board as it drafts its next five-year plan -- which sounds surprisingly Soviet, even for the RA. Expect plenty of references to potato crop yields and record numbers of tractors new earth tones, the end.


  1. How wonderful to be anonymous again.

    Do we know what the numbers were on the vote?

  2. The Beamer and Vis clan back to more shenanigans!

  3. At-Large Director
    Andrew"Andy" Sigle 2,527
    Jason Carlo 969
    Sridhar Ganesan 1,114
    John E. George 1,345
    Donovan D'Souza 406

    Hunters Woods/Dogwood District Director

    Cheryl Beamer 845
    Victor Van Rees 543


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