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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On the YouTubes: Not Quite Old Spice

Dear Leader blogging? Real estate attorneys in bathrobes holding roses and emulating an aftershave commercial? Rappin' Realtors(tm)? Facebook humor? We are soooo there. Thank you, Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, for making our own real estate games look stodgy by comparison.


  1. That was amusing but it's just not enough. Next time, get Dear Leader to have a Charlie Sheen moment. That would get EVERYBODY's attention.

    "What do you mean that Reston might have a small drug problem? All of Reston IS on drugs! It's called Bob Simon. And if any of the other communities were to try it, it would cause their middle class to flee screaming like Catholic school girls at an exhibitionist festival, leaving them with nothing but foreclosures and impoverished third worlders. You doubt the truth of this? See what happened to the Town of Herndon when they got too close to us? The entire west side is listed on and don't even think of going there unless you hablas espanol.

    Now, where's my $2 million? Better yet, make that $3 million. And the Goddesses? We must have goddesses! Especially Goddesses with Tasmanian Devil tattoos on their tuckuses."

  2. Sheen is so 5 minutes ago. These days the kids are all into Quadafi or Gaddafi whatevs you wants to calls it.

    I want to see Simon ponding his desk describing how the RA will go after violators of the DRB "cluster by cluster!"

    And have Hudgins gyrating around... kinda like this, but more muave:


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