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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thundersnowprisingpocalypsmageddon 2011 (TM) Update: You Might Need to Cancel That Lunch Date at the Macaroni Grill


Our Thundersnowprisingpocalypsmageddon 2011 (TM) TEAM COVERAGE continues with this handy map of power outages from Dominion Power, where, in the spirit of solidarity with their powerless brethren, they've turned the thermostats up to 74 and left the blender running all night. We'd like to think that having the power lines buried underground helps in a situation like this, but that's cold comfort if you got home last night after sitting in traffic for six hours to discover you're living under one of those non-DRB-approved blue dots. Also, we hope the Macaroni Grill has an emergency generator, as it looks like that lovely quadrant of retail/pasta may be without power.

Of course, if you don't have power, you couldn't be checking to see if you have power on this "web log." Unless, of course, you're using your dwindling battery power on your, whazzitcalled, iPhone instead of conserving it for a frantic 911 call when the snow zombies neighbors arrive at your door, in search of human flesh milk, the end.


  1. The Starbucks near Macaroni Grill had power this morning so hopefully there will be breadstick goodness for those brave enough to venture out later today.

  2. Survivalist in an Architecturally Designed Brutalist StrongholdJanuary 27, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    In the fastness of our Brutalist Concrete Bunkers, my fellow survivalists and I are gorging on the spoils from the Harrowing of the North(point).

    Thanks to our overlord Hudgins, we have electricity to run our stolen appliances and flat-screen TVs.

    Now we can stuff our brutalist faces with all the human flesh we can eat!

    Lake Anne now and forever!

    Death to the imposters north of the 606!


  3. This is the first time in my 40+ years in Reston I've had a power outage of more than minutes. 10 hours! Last night's candlelit supper was not by choice.

    Could Vepco be subbing maintenance to RELAC?

  4. You know this is the only place on the internet where Lake Anne's classic Modern Architecture is referred to as "Brutalist" not that actual facts are considered important on this blog.

  5. @Anon 2:59:

    Serious question: While the buildings at Lake Anne are in the classic modern style, wouldn't it be correct to call the fountain and other assorted decorative concrete geegaws brutalist?

  6. Survivalist in an Architecturally Designed Brutalist StrongholdJanuary 27, 2011 at 4:13 PM


    The Heron House might be considered brutalist by some.

    I'm using it as an appellation of honor and as a tongue in cheek riposte to NPDB's insults to the greatness that is Lake Anne.

    Am I unmasking myself, or am I merely creating a newer better handle?

    HCKD aka SADBS

    LAUA! (Lake Anne Uber Alles)

  7. @Anon 3:27:
    I'm not an architect but I don't think so--maybe a nod to that movement. The sculptures were all the work of Gonzalo Fonseca. Brutalist isn't a term you will find associated with his work.

    BTW- had to look up the word "geegaws." I live in the condo and trust me--those trinkets ain't cheep! Although I gather from reading this blog that the broader community isn't satisfied with there level of upkeep, I guess we'll have to get on that!

  8. their--I meant "their level of upkeep" you should be able to edit your post, grrr!

  9. From the Wiki-pee-d-a

    "Brutalist buildings usually are formed with striking repetitive angular geometries, and, where concrete is used, often revealing the texture of the wooden forms used for the in-situ casting. Although concrete is the material most widely associated with Brutalist architecture, not all Brutalist buildings are formed from concrete. Instead, a building may achieve its Brutalist quality through a rough, blocky appearance, and the expression of its structural materials, forms, and (in some cases) services on its exterior."

    By that definition It would be fair to call Heron house Brutalist....

    But that does not mean it isn't awesome.

    In fact it makes it even more awesome.


  10. @SADBS:

    Well based on that description I would have to agree. The texture left by the original wooden forms is a beautiful feature of the core of the building--

    I totally get that it's not for everyone--much like Hickory Cluster but it's a beautiful place to live.

  11. @Anon 4:18pm:

    Sometimes it feels like people who live in Lake Anne Plaza can't win. They're responsible for the upkeep of the plaza with their condo fees, but the entire region uses the common space. How would the rest of you like it if people constantly criticized the landscaping in your cluster?

  12. A vast, sterile expanse of cinderblocks is "classic Modern Architecture"? Who knew!

    If only I'd known my college dorm was "classic Modern Architecture", it would have greatly enriched my undergraduate experience. I even had a "classic Modern Architecture" bookshelf of boards and cinderblocks in my room!

  13. @5:23 gets a little old. It is a complex property. I think most people can imagine how incredibly cool it could be, and to be honest the merchant community is constantly shooting themselves in the foot by refusing to behave like business people, so we invite a lot of criticism; but most of us still wouldn't live anywhere else.

    Anon:4:18 & 5:20

  14. Wow for a minute it looked like a thoughtful discussion was going to break out but for Anon: 5:47. Where do you see exposed cinder block in use on Lake Anne? I think Lake Anne would be described as classically modern or maybe now as Mid-century Modern.

  15. The only way it (Lake Anne) will be "incredibly" (when we think you actually mean "credibly") cool is to tear it down and build like Reston Town Center.

    Lake Anne (all of it including the lake itself) has already sucked in millions of tax dollars and gone nowhere but down. That's incredible and, of course, the epitome of liberalism -- keep doing the same thing over and over again (with someone else's money no less) and expect different results.

    Now THAT is classic, modern, attractive an designed by architects. It's used far more often by the region than is Lake Anne and there is no crying and whining about who pays for it.

    It's an eyesore, it's brutalist / brutalism at its worst, it's ugly, it's a failure and it's got to go!

    Even those hideous blue signs marking it as "historic" are covered in vines, falling down and surely illegal by RA's pedantic design standards.

  16. It's easy to be a rude SOB when you don't use your name...

  17. No need for names here -- if the truth didn't sting you would not be so defensive.

    Now go wash your ignorant potty mouth out with soap!!

  18. Survivalist in an Architecturally Designed Brutalist StrongholdJanuary 28, 2011 at 11:58 PM

    NPDB, (2:09)

    You have been drinking from Lake Newport again.

    Enjoy RTC and its lame offerings, it suits your utter lack of imagination and intelligence.

    You are little more than a racist hateful little coward.

    If I remember correctly, you are the same objectivist puke who called teachers, police, and fire-fighters "arrogant trough feeders" because overweight IT assholes like yourself did not make enough money.

    I bet your tea party swill won't taste so great when you are finally outsourced.

    Oh and go stuff your stupid fat face with all you can eat breadsticks at Macaroni Grill.

  19. Oh the little kindergarten cry baby lashes out again!

    Just like the wicked witch of Reston.

    I don't do IT and I will never be outsourced because I live in a Hudgins Section 8 special!

    Six-figure income and I am here for life!

    You go girl (or do I say "girlfriend"?) --- I will vote you into whatever office you seek!

    Of course those Bangalorians want to become Restonians --- no need for them to work 95 hours a week pretending to be "Cathy" here; they can come here, kick back, eat delicious worldly, Macaroni Grill fare and live in Section 8 housing just like me -- and, we have powerful air conditioning here any day of the year, and it's all free, free, FREE!

    God Bless America!


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