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Monday, November 8, 2010

This Week in Crime: Death Sentences for '88 Murders, a Fox Mill fire, and the Serial Hamburglar Strikes Again

Alfredo R. Prieto was sentenced to two death sentences for killing a couple in a lot off Hunter Mill Road in 1988.

A Fairfax County jury imposed two death sentences Friday on serial killer Alfredo R. Prieto for the murders of Rachael A. Raver and Warren H. Fulton III near Reston in December 1988.

The jury was told that Prieto, 44, had been sentenced to death for a 1990 rape and murder in California and that he was linked by DNA to a fourth slaying, in Arlington County in May 1988. But jurors were not told that ballistics tests link Prieto to a fifth homicide, in Prince William County in 1989.

Neither did they learn that authorities in California are linking Prieto to four additional slayings there, involving a pair of abductions and double homicides in spring 1990. That would link Prieto to nine killings in slightly more than two years.
This brings to an end proceedings that have run on... let's just say less than speedily since the county's cold case homicide unit linked Prieto to the slayings in 2005, including a mistrial and a ruling from the Virginia Supreme Court. Three times is (apparently) the charm.

robble.jpegMeanwhile, our old new friend the Serial Hamburglar (tm) struck again on November 2, attempting to burgle a half-dozen houses on Riverscape Run in "Great" Falls. It's the first time since October 12th that he is believed to have struck homes in Fairfax County, and this brings to 109 the number of incidents linked to our robbling buddy since August.

A Nov. 1 fire in Fox Mills Estates caused $200,000 in damage to a single-family home. Fire officials say that improperly discarded smoking materials on a screened-in porch on the back of the house caused the fire.

Otherwise, the most exciting thing that's happened in Reston in the past week, according to police, was that an iPhone was stolen from a residence on Bowman Towne Drive. There's not an app for that, but there you go.


  1. Good riddance, Alfredo Prieto, you worthless piece of shit.

  2. I hate to be morbid, but where on Hunter Mill Rd was it?

  3. So, name your poison, Prieto. Is it the chair, the firing squad, the needle or the short drop?

  4. 10:15: I read it happened in the housing development just past where Sunrise Valley morphs into Hunter Mill, before that development was built. Wasn't here at the time so I don't know for sure.

  5. ...pull my finger.

  6. There is an app for that called iPhone finder....

    The slaying occurred in the field behind the old baptist church at the corner of Huntermill and Sunrise Valley. (The field is now a housing development and driving range)

    I remember the slayings in the news back then. It is cold comfort that justice is finally served. 22 years is a long time for closure.

  7. Good news is that the worthless piece of garbage known as Alfredo Prieto, poster child for capital punishment, is scheduled to get the needle in two days time for the two murders he committed in Reston years ago.

    Bury him face down so he can better see where he's headed. And Alfredo, don't let the gates of Hell hit you on the way in.

    1. Donde yo estoy ahora? Es muy, muy caliente aqui. Porque El Diablo esta aqui tambien? Uh-oh! Ay carramba!


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