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Monday, November 29, 2010

Reston Holiday Parade: A Children's Treasury of Out of Context Photos

Courtesy of our Facebook BFFs at the Reston Association, please to be enjoying this photo album of some sort of retail-infused exhortation to spend what's left of our disposable income on midscale apparel celebration of the magic of the holiday season!

The fancy RA float. If the guy in the Santa hat looks tired, it must be because they pulled an all-nighter driving this bad boy back from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City.

DRB Nightmare.jpeg
You know, we give the DRB a hard time on this filthy "web log," but you'd be sticklers for earth tones too if you dreamed about this guy every single night of your life.

Without comment.jpeg
On the other hand, sometimes it isn't garish colors that are the problem.

cougar joke.jpeg
(Insert obligatory cougar joke here.)

monster truck.jpeg
The float in the foreground must have gotten lost on its way to the Manassas parade.

Shore leave.jpeg
Fleet's in!

Ever since we learned the hard truth about Santa Claus, this is the only guy with a white beard we actually trust.

Speaking of which... At long last the fat man arrives, showing a lucky group of kids the wage slaves elves hard at work at his Reston workshop, stone cold making iPods and whatnot, the end.


  1. From the Uplands of RestonNovember 29, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    Welcome back to our Oxford Brown tinted 1970's Theme Park / Paradise.

    I trust you have plenty of built-up snark for the RA Board elections.

  2. Agreed, given the rumored $2M (or is it $4M?) operating deficit Uncle Milton is racking up?

  3. Regarding the third picture from the top, I didn't know that Reston had Liberace impersonators. I thought we would be more of an Elvis town.

  4. Funny, Convict, I would have thought we were more of a Peter, Paul, and Mary type of town.

    "If I had a hammer
    I'd hammer in the morning...

    Oops, forgot - DRB regulation 735.3 (a), sub-clause 2, paragraph 5 prohibits "any construction, structural alteration, remodeling, or repair activity, save for those deemed essential for human safety or health, or as otherwise authorized by an appropriate government, law enforcement, or utility authority, in any area deemed residential in nature as defined in Chapter 1, paragraph 4 (b), sub-section G, to be carried out before 7:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on any day of the week that is spelled with the letter "y".

  5. Wow... Happy Holidays people..

  6. Santa is crammed into a carriage where no one can see him and our fearless leader gets a convertible mini! What's up with that?

  7. Is this the Halloween parade?


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