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Monday, October 25, 2010

On the YouTubes: Reston Raiders Out-Ovechkin Ovechkin Goal Celebration During Caps Game, Annoy Annoying Sports Columnist

We don't "do" sports much here, but this fancy YouTubes video of the Reston Raiders volleyball hockey team doing goal celebrations during a halftime performance at a Capitals game at the futuristic Capital Center MCI Arena last week is pretty darn cool.

Like other NHL teams, the Washington Capitals host a "Mites on Ice" youth hockey mini-game during the between-periods intermission of home games.

On Tuesday night, the Reston (Va.) Raiders were selected to participate in an intra-squad mites game; and in an arena that's seen its share of boisterous goal celebrations from the likes of Alex Ovechkin, the Raiders (ages 8 years old and younger) unleashed a unique celebration of their own after each score -- dropping to the ice and, to the delight of the crowd, making snow angels.

The Caps officials were pumping up the young players, talking about how big goal celebrations are encouraged in the between-periods amusement. "They were giving examples of what they could do to celebrate, and one of them said, 'You know, nobody has ever done a snow angel before. I'd love to see a snow angel. If anybody scores and does a snow angel, you'll get the game puck,'" recalled Potter. "I think they misunderstood and they thought if anybody does a snow angel they get a game puck, not just the scorer," he said. "If you notice, a couple of players from the other team are doing it too."

The fans loved it, the players had a blast and the story had a happy ending: Despite his players having misunderstood the whole "game puck" offer, Potter said the Capitals staff went to the team dressing room and presented each Raider with his own official game-night puck to commemorate the event.
Not everybody loved it, though. This spoilsport Serious Sports Columnist decided to describe this light-hearted event with the thoughtful headline, "The Washington Capitals Are Encouraging Poor Sportsmanship In Our Youth." Really?

So that just about wraps up Restonian's official exclusive hockey coverage. If you're interested in more, please to be visiting our doppelganger up north.

(Shout out to our favorite correspondent, The Peasant from Less Sought After South Reston, and Biker Sherlock for the tip.)


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