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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mysterious Burn Zone Near Lake Anne Dumbfounds Tens


Please to be enjoying this bizarre photo of fire damage along the hillside that (at times) successfully separates Lake Anne from Wiehle Avenue drivers. First noticed by several vigilant Restonian operatives over the weekend, its cause remains unknown -- especially given its seemingly deliberate rectangular dimensions. Was it a careless Loudoun County cut-through commuter motorist, tossing a cigarette into the tall grass? Was it a controlled burn, perhaps to eradicate the scourge of Reston paths, or maybe poison ivy? Or was it... something more sinister?

Being a responsible "web log," we will apply Occam's Razor and suggest the theory that makes the most sense: trainee UFO pilots practicing making crop circles by creating the less well-known crop rectangles. You're welcome.


  1. NOW you see why RA must ban smoking on all of our lovely trails.

    We will all die a fiery death if this is left unregulated!!! How many children must die before Reston realizes this?

    Oh and I will finally be able to jog in peace away from those evil smokers.

    Off to torch some more pathways, oops no wait, off for a run.

  2. I am now determined to find out who you are, Restonian. I suspect I know you and shall hatch a cunning plan to uncover your real identity. Your blog is very funny. And scarily spot on. Regards, your neighbor and fellow Lake Anne resident.

  3. The other week I was driving on Wiehle and fire trucks were parked by the side of the road - perhaps putting out that fire.

  4. Maybe it's a part of the imminent demise of the USA as alluded to by the Times Square bomber as he was receiving his life sentence?

  5. I think Restonian is Waterview resident Brad Ripley.

  6. Could it have been the Germans?


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