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Friday, October 1, 2010

Enough, Already! North County Hamburgler Strikes Again, Box Score Now Up to 87 Incidents

robble.jpegWe're actually getting tired of writing about this, but our favorite serial burglar has struck again, this time hitting three homes in the Mason police district and making another unsuccessful attempt near Fairfax last evening. Fairfax County Police say this brings the number of incidents attributed to this maybe-tall, maybe daylight-scoper-of-neighborhoods guy to 87, of which 57 are burglaries, with the remainder noise complaints and general lurking around creepiness. We hope someone catches this guy soon, as we're running out of stock images of the Hamburgler to tart up the site, the end.


  1. This bandit is a pretty cool guy. He robs house and doesn't afraid of anything.

  2. ...Pull my finger.

  3. the Fairfax police department will do a free home analysis. Most people are easy to rob as they leave thier door unlocked and their money on top somewhere which this guy has noticed.


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