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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On the YouTubes: We Watch the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

My word, Andy Sigle gets more and more casual every month in these fancy videos from the Reston Association, foregoing the summer casual look for a spiffy polo shirt in this September edition. By the time winter rolls around, he'll probably be shirtless and wearing body paint, just like all those morons superfans you see at football games in December.

"Have you ever wondered why Reston Association is permitted access to your property for inspections?" Sigle asks. No, we haven't, but that's kind of creepy when you get right down to it. Covenants Advisor Julie Loy explains that you signed away your rights when you bought your beige house or townhouse or condo or whatever, due to some easement of "ingresss or egress" or something that was in the 974 pages of documents the closing agent thrust vaguely in your face during the closing process. Tough break, suckers! Fortunately, the video shows that any such agent of the RA will wear a snazzy green jacket with the words "Reston Association" on the back as they creep around your backyard, taking pictures and generally lurking about in search of illegal light fixtures and other threats to our ability to Live, Work, Play and Get Involved (tm) in perfect harmony.

On a lighter note, there's lot of awesome treepocalypse footage of people dragging dead tree limbs and greenery around the Old Westbury Recreation site in South Reston, which was part of AOL/Monster's day of charity this summer. Apparently the goal was to eradicate Japanese Honeysuckle, one of eight VERBOTEN pants in Reston, and watching the invasive menace get hacked out of the primeval forest from the comfort of your computer is a lot like sitting in the cheap seats at a NASCAR race when a wreck goes down. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!


  1. I think I'm wearing a pair of "VERBOTEN pants" as I write this.
    Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  2. Please be kind to volunteers!

  3. Thomas Paine In The AssSeptember 16, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    Re the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution - sorry, the Covenants office -snooping around your house.

    I highly recommend for your reading enjoyment the small piece in today's Washington Post op-ed section titled "The Yellow Mailbox Revolution" by Peter Galuszka. It talks about the unchecked power of homeowner associations. The most telling section:

    "The mood with homeowners associations is often more one of fascism than democracy. You do what the board says or you get fined. Residents have no recourse. It's almost impossible to get anywhere in court because association rules are set up by squads of real estate lawyers who give all power to the Soviets, er, boards."

    Sound familiar?

    The yellow mailbox reference is about homeowners in a Richmond suburb where the association has decreed that all mailboxes in that community had to be replaced by matching new models at $155 each. So residents are protesting by painting their mailboxes yellow -- und das ist VERBOTEN!

    Mahatma Gandhi would be proud.

  4. @anon 1:06pm

    At the risk of coming across as hypocrites since we constantly tease Andy about his wardrobe, we have to agree. One of the few things that will get a comment deleted on this filthy "web log" is a personal attack at a volunteer or RA staff member, since they're not public figures.

    Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to paint our mailbox yellow.

  5. you didn't know the green jackets could be turned inside out into orange when the RA deems it's time for an "emergency response"? now such a thing is uncommon, but would occur if a locally-owned merchant signed a lease in the fake downtown

    a similar situation could arise if an attractive woman between the ages of 21 and 30 ever entered an RTC bar, however, the RA believes such an event is as likely as an asteroid landing directly on top of Jackson's


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