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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fairfax Planners Postpone Decision on Excelsior Project, Again

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Hey, remember that time that a developer wanted to slap two fancy mid-rise residential buildings smack dab in the middle of the Oracle Campus on Sunset Hills Drive, only those nerds in the Fairfax County planning office wanted the project rejected, in part because of questions about how it would be integrated with the existing office space, and in part because of the "lack of detail" in the smudgy, poorly Xeroxed renderings of some off-the-shelf architectural dreck that looked like it was designed by a bored 12-year-old using AutoCAD?

Yeah, that was awesome. Well, the Fairfax County Planning Commission took another look at the project this week, and once again deferred a decision on Excelsior LLC's proposal. For those of you keeping score at home, this is the fourth time this project has been deferred by county planners. Maybe someone just can't take a hint!

If approved, the two buildings would contain a maximum of 457 residential units and 830 parking spaces, 820 of which would be in an underground parking garage, as well as one acre of open space. A third office building has also already been approved in an unrelated process, but not yet built.

County planners will once again take up the proposal on October 6 -- presumably after they fix the toner in their copier.

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  1. The entire complex needs to be leveled and rebuilt as something less stupid.


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