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Monday, September 27, 2010

At the Reston Multicultural Festival, It's a Safety-Conscious World After All

exit signs.JPG
So this weekend's Reston Multicultural Festival, which was pretty awesome and offered lots of international entertainment and various selections of food on a stick, was pretty exciting. But we especially appreciated the safety-conscious planning that resulted in multiple exit signs informing people how to leave an open-air canopy in case of emergency. An "open-air canopy," for those not in the know, is kind of like a tarp that's open on all four sides. Who knows, maybe they were worried that people might trip over a fanciful concrete bollard or something (cough cough nanny state).

Doesn't the fire marshall have something more important to do, like hang out at bars where people ignite the drink specials?

Important YouTubes Update: Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the world's least multicultural video featuring the Multicultural Festival:

We guess wearing the baseball cap backwards is maybe a little multicultural.

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  1. Hmmmm, performing his "HUSBANDRY" duties on camera in Lake Anne. Very progressive for that part of Reston


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