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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Blogiversary to Us, Plus a Look Back at Fancy Reston 'Web Sites' of Yesteryear

hbdReston.jpgHow embarrassing! Last Friday was this filthy "web log"s third anniversary, and much like a married couple when the honeymoon phase is replaced with a lot of bickering about whose turn it is to do the dishes or check the DRB regulations on the placement of earth-toned "happy anniversary" signs on the carport, we plumb forgot.

Fortunately, we have a present for you. Step into the wayback machine and set the controls for 2001, when former RA Director William Nicoson wrote a column for the Reston Times decrying the lack of quality "web sites" for our earth-toned community.

Touring Reston websites won’t exercise neglected muscles like strolling around Reston lakes, but the discovery of virtual Reston on the web can be a stimulating experience that may lead to realtime strolling in delightful and unfrequented landscapes. On the other hand – you guessed it - - some Reston websites are simply a waste of time.
That's pretty prescient, given that it would be another six years before this site arrived on the scene.


  1. Well congratulations Restonian. I'd like to nominate you for the best of Reston award!

  2. "Frustrated, I clicked on RA’s link to the Reston Historic Trust and Museum – – a group which deserves high marks for sponsoring creative events celebrating Reston’s unique history. Alas, I found that the museum’s URL had been hijacked by a site called BetaNews offering breathless stories about software. Since that visit, the museum site has been recovered, but the hijacking reminds us that it’s a rough-tough-and tumble world out there in cyberspace."

    Damn you Beta News, you rough-and-tumble cyberspace hijackers!!!!
    Take your eyes off of your Domain Name for one second and some cyber-scum "out there" will squat on it -- and publish something that might actually be interesting.

    Hang in there Mr. Nicoson, ya big frustrated lug.

  3. Happy Birthday, Restonian! Can't imagine life in our mauve paradise without you.

  4. Restonian is a "quality web site"? I thought it was a filthy web blog. Maybe it's a quality filthy blog?

  5. Happy B'Day, Restonian. Stop by the Macaroni Grill and I'll buy a scoop of Spumoni.

  6. Happy Birthday to our other leader!


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