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Thursday, June 10, 2010

This and That: A Random Slouch Through Reston News

  • BREAKING: In its boldest move to date, the Reston Association has modified its vision statement to include the words "get involved," as in "leading the model community where all can live, work, play and get involved." Cue rioting, dogs and cats living together, and general chaos in 3, 2, 1....

  • Inova Health System is putting the Cameron Glen Care Center and assisted living unit in Reston up for sale, and apparently a buyer is out there, kicking the tires. Meanwhile, Reston Hospital Center, among other hospitals in the region, got dinged by the Human Rights Campaign for leaving out gender identity and sexual orientation in its nondiscrimination policies.

  • Construction of the fancy shrine to rad '80s art known as the Wiehle Metro station will soon lead to lane closures on the Dulles Toll Road. Meanwhile, the RA has sent a letter to the airports authority encouraging air rights development over all three area Metro stations.

  • The multiplex in Reston's Fake Downtown has changed its name... to something called "Rave Cinema." Bring your glow-sticks and baby pacifiers, or whatever the kool kidz do these days.

  • Some dude named Patrick Murray won this week's Republican primary for the 8th District. This "upset" win gives Murray the opportunity to lose, badly, to entrenched incumbent Jim Moran this fall.

  • Hey, did you know a Reston company called Centennial Contractors Enterprises makes railroad bridges out of recycled plastic? Now you do.

  • Here's a schedule of summer concerts in Reston's Fake Downtown. Having missed the Michael Jackson tribute at the Herndon Festival, we'll settle for the tribute band for some obscure British combo.

  • Legendary developer Til Hazel recently sat down with the Washington Post "news-paper" to talk about development, the Silver Line, and Tysons. (Spoiler alert: The legendary developer likes development.)

  • You can get a "Taste of Lake Anne" from 9am-noon this Saturday -- which we're hoping means samples from the growing number of Plaza restaurants rather than free glasses of lake water.

  • Hey now, more than 1,000 AOL employees helped clean up a Reston wildlife habitat at the Old Westbury Recreational Area, among other places around the region as part of a day of volunteering. Who knew AOL still had 1,000 employees?

  • Finally, Forest Edge Elementary is holding a memorial 5K to pay tribute to special education teacher and Herndon High School alumn Courtney Schilling, who died at the age of 24 last fall. It's a nice thing to do, and we hope people show up.


  1. What? There's no crime to report in the Gulag? Step it up, folks. You're just not trying hard enough.

    How intriguing that Inova is planning on selling their facility at Cameron Glen. Maybe they're selling out to the developers who want to put in a lake there? This scenario -- the lake at Cameron Glen -- was outlined during the recent shindig at SLHS by the RUDL sub-committee.

    It seems that Reston welcome diversity, but only as long as it doesn't include the poor and demented. That soon-to-be-underwater Cameron Glen facility is the only Skilled Nursing Facility in Reston that takes Medicaid and has a secure ward.

    Reston: Ducks and Geese are okay. Gray hairs with memory issues, not so much.

  2. What an uninformed comment. Reston has lots of housing for the elderly and poor-Hunters Woods Fellowship house, Lake Anne Fellowship House, an upscale place at Tall Oaks, and lots of housing for the poor-section 8 and otherwise, a homeless shelter........

  3. None of those facilities is a skilled nursing facility with a secure ward for Dementia patients, nor do any of those facilities take Medicaid. I stand by my original statement.

  4. The lake anne fellowship house in reston, va is a DUMP


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