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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lake Anne Farmer's Market: It Pays to Read the Fine Print

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Yay, the farmer's market is back at Lake Anne Plaza and OH GOD NO MAKE THAT NOISE STOP


  1. At SmartMart Farmers Market (at Reston Parkway and Sunrise Valley Drive at National Realty Parking Lot) which is open on Wednesdays 3:30-6:30 we had three Mandolin players who continued to play, even after it started to rain last week!

  2. Rod, I had no idea there was a farmer's market at that time. How many stalls would you say are there? That is much more convenient for me than the Sat AM market. I'm assuming it's on for today, right?

  3. What do you expect from the town that killed Roy Buchanan.

  4. Fresh fruits and veggies are greatly over-rated.
    On the other hand, it's hard these days to find really great, live Polka music.

  5. Convict, name one time in history there was great Polka music? :-)

  6. Smart Markets at Reston
    Wednesday, May 19
    11890 Sunrise Valley Dr.
    (Parking lot of the National Realty building)
    Reston, VA

    Dear Shoppers: We are so looking forward to having you and the sun as our guests at the market today where we will have some new and old friends bringing new and old favorites. Max Tyson will be on hand with his luscious strawberries, and Art Marrone will bring some of the first heirloom Italian vegetables from his many gardens such as two varieties of kale, broccoli rabe (rapini), new potatoes, butterleaf lettuce and sweet radishes.

    Time to get out that sauté pan! Heritage Farm is also bringing wonderful greens, including Asian pak choi, as well as gorgeous rhubarb to combine with those strawberries in many recipes.

    And don't forget to check the Market Manager's tent for recipes for all of those good things -- including the best strawberry-rhubarb sherbet you ever put in your mouth! And I would know -- I have been putting it in my mouth for more than 35 years after making it in my own kitchen because it is very simple and very good. But I must be honest with you -- I lost the recipe for about twenty of those years and found it some years ago in an old magazine I had saved but stored too well. So now we can enjoy it again! More about those magazines another time!

    We will also welcome to the market Bending Bridge Farm, our only certified organic farm. I look forward to meeting Audrey Fisher-Pedersen and hope you will too. Her farm is a member of the Tuscarora Organic Cooperative in Pennsylvania, and because the co-op itself has joined Smart Markets, she will be bringing produce from other farms to expand their offerings and your opportunities to buy locally grown organic produce.

    One last word abut our coffee café -- it is on site to provide you with some liquid refreshment, especially during the summer months, but Ron also brings great fair-trade coffees that he roasts himself. He is very knowledgeable about his coffees and is happy to answer all of your questions. You may also sample the variety he is brewing on a particular day. He brews hot and cold coffee beverages and refreshing fruit smoothies for adults, children and market managers alike.

    And yet another really last thing -- please read our link of the week: this letter sent by several Senators to the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture regarding farmers' markets. (It's in PDF format.) I am certain it will elicit a reaction and hope that it will encourage a response from you. If you would like to respond, please e-mail your own letter to me, and we will send it to the Department of Agriculture and our Virginia Senators along with my letter, which I will write and send to all of our newsletter subscribers later in the week. It's us against ConAgra, but I am sure we can make our point.

    See you at the market!

  7. There will be a Ukulele Festival on July 10th, hmmm, maybe there's a theme.

  8. Hurray! Hurray! It's been such a long time since I last tiptoed through the tulips.

  9. The horror... the horror...

  10. So Rod, is it possible/advisable to sharpen saw blades? How about affordable? What ballpark are we talking?


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