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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Comstock Wiehle Approved By Planning Commission, Public Hearing Scheduled May 11 (Maybe)

new wiehle.jpgWell, well, well. The Fairfax County Planning Commission finally decided to stop kicking the can with an endless series of deferrals and recommended approval of the Comstock Wiehle Metro proposal last Thursday. According to an "electronic message" sent by Supervisor Cathy Hudgins, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors have now planned a public hearing for 3:30 p.m. on May 11, though the agenda's not yet been updated on the county's fancy "web site." So that's that.


  1. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonMay 4, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    World-crass architecture at its finest!

  2. Well, a few may take off work but considering how few are really interested or aware of this, I'm not sure we would get more at an evening meeting.

  3. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO): Soon-to-Be "Amongst the 'Hoods in Colvin Woods" and Eventually "Arlington's Sexiest Simpleton (ASS)"May 6, 2010 at 8:04 AM

    It's not that nobody cares. It's that there's not as much widespread vocal opposition to this project as the people at Reston 2020 and other apparently anti-development local citizen groups think. Out of 65,000 residents the same few are consistently raising the torches and pitchforks. The developer has shown a commitment towards taking citizen input into consideration and has made beneficial changes, which I think is all that we could have ever hoped for, especially since in most parts of the country developers won't even let neighbors have a say into anything. If this is being privately-developed then I fail to see why so many in Reston feel as if they have the "right" to tell someone else how many stories their buildings should be, which directions they should be angled towards, how many parking garages should be located on-site (and where), etc., etc. They also shouldn't be subjected to harsh newspaper editorials saying they are going to be havens for "mushrooms and rats." Is this Reston or the Soviet Union? Actually on some days I can't even tell between the architectural styles and all of the meddling into people's personal affairs. If this project was taxpayer-funded, then I COULD see the reason for everyone to feel like it was their "duty" to tell the developer(s) what to do, when, how, etc. Otherwise those chaining themselves to the toll road pylons singing "Kumbayah" and chanting "not in MY Reston" just seem to be overstepping their boundaries to me, and I'm tiring of people like this assuming they speak on behalf of ALL Restonians when they definitely do NOT. I won't be at this hearing due to a medical appointment that I can't change, but if I were able to attend I might just go up to face the "boos" and the hissing head-on, tell people to stop trying to bully developers, and duck the shoes flying at me while hoping my Mazda's tires won't be slashed.

    I vividly remember the first land use college session I had attended just after I had moved to Reston in June 2009. The eye-rolling, sighing, people shaking their heads, etc. just gave off a huge sense of immaturity from supposedly college-educated "adults" to me. There was even one guy who threw a hissy-fit and left after he "quietly" (or so he thought) gave county P&Z folks in the back of the room an earful. That totally turned me off from wanting to get involved with ANYTHING in Reston. I love politics, but for God's sake people you all live in an over-glorified HOA with very little soul. There are more important things in life than striving to create drama and polarize your community with all of the hysteria and rabble-rousing.

    I almost hope Reston gets paved over in its entirety just to grab some popcorn and watch the fur fly. If you all nearly physically attack one another over a stupid indoor recreational center, then I'd hate to see what you all would do if someone proposed expanding the boundaries of Reston Town Center or proposed paving over Shadowood for a performing arts center, law school, or children's hospital.

    If you want to see a community whose "character" was truly decimated by ugly new growth, then look at Lovettsville. I don't foresee projects like the one this article references damaging Reston in the same manner.


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