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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Have You Finished Your Last-Minute Founder's Day Shopping Yet?

338968_324152552b.jpgDon't forget Saturday is Founder's Day!

Founder’s Day begins with an illustrated presentation by urban planner, educator, and author, Alex Garvin from 12 noon until approximately 2 p.m. Garvin will focus on Lake Anne developments and James Rossant, who died last December. Rossant was the designer of the internationally recognized Lake Anne Village Center, the historical heart of the planned community of Reston, established in 1964. Garvin’s presentation will take place at the Jo Ann Rose Gallery at Reston Community Center, Lake Anne, 1609A Washington Plaza. Afterwards, Founder’s Day attendees are invited to view the newest commemorative bricks in Reston’s “Walk of Fame” on the plaza, then on to Reston Museum for a reception, celebration, and cake in honor of the 96th birthday of Reston founder, Robert E. Simon Jr., born April 10, 1914.
We can only hope that this year's cake is as awesome as last year's (pictured above). We're hoping for a lifelike representation of the new RA Headquarters, complete with child labor cubbies.


  1. I'm planning on giving The Missus a wedgie for Founder's Day. I hope she likes it.

  2. LOLA (Lost on Lake Anne)April 9, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    Always thinking of the 'little woman' -- how nice.


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