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Monday, April 12, 2010

Flashback Monday: Al-Jazeera Visits Reston, Doesn't Find Bin Laden

How on earth did we manage to miss this? At some point before the last presidential election, noted Arabic teevee news channel "Al-Jazeera" (English translation: Fox News) took time away from broadcasting scratchy audiotapes of Osama Bin Laden to visit our favorite planned community. There's lots of talky talk about the election, interspersed with exciting footage of Reston.

All in all, it's a nostalgic look back at a time when people still actually disagreed about politics, before our current Golden Age of Bipartisanship and agreement, plus the odd Confederate holiday every now and then.

Of course, not everyone who watched the video on the YouTubes is actually from Reston, as evidenced by ignorant questions like this:
The whole time the people are being interviewed the cameraman is zooming in on the businesses, like GAP, Victoria's Secret and Chico's... is there a reason for this? How are close-ups of (especially) those types of businesses relevant in the discussion?


  1. Al Jazeera, because even terrorists need a legitimate propaganda outlet. Allah Akhbar!

  2. Congratulations, C in the G, on your reversion to Islam! (People don't "convert" to Islam, they revert to their "original" religion.) By claiming that "God is Good," in Arabic of course, you have just converted, er, I mean "reverted." I hope you didn't make your decision lightly. If you decide to change your faith, your Muslim brothers and sisters may decide out of love for Allah that the best way to handle your dishonorable decision is to do away with you. While such killings are illegal in this country, they are not illegal in many Muslim nations.

  3. Who is it that DOESN'T believe that the GAP, Chico's, and Victoria's Secret are at the heart of what makes America great?

  4. Anon 2:31

    Any brother (or sister) of the book (i.e., a Jew, Christian or muslim) would say Allah Ahkbar and be faithful to their own creed since they all acknowledge the God of Abraham as the one true God.

    What a maroon!

  5. Anon 4:37 -- the sad thing is, most believe what anon 2:31 preaches... Goebbles did a great job of that generations back...

  6. Love the Dr. Saying he's a small business man then the cut to Victoria's Secret.
    Odd editing, but telling considering the source. Go Fox News!

  7. Funny you should mention that, HKCD. It was a toss up between what I posted and this "Al Jazeera: as fair and as balanced as Fox news".

  8. Waita minute. Careful reading would have told me that this was in fact an Al-Jazeera broadcast.

    Oops. Well I guess the Vic's Secret shot was to show how decadent we all are.


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