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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This and That: A Much-Delayed Walk Through Reston News, and a Wetland

  • As the RA Board elections grind to a merciful halt -- polls close on Friday, if you can call mail-in ballots or a Web site a "poll" -- we hear this:
    Reston Association President Robin Smyers said she had no idea a letter she wrote endorsing three of the 10 candidates in this month's Board of Directors race would cause such a backlash.

    "It's been common practice for many years" for sitting board members to endorse their favorites in the race, said Smyers, whose term ends in April and is not seeking re-election. "When I ran, I was endorsed by board members."
    Will there be a look at the election rules? Probably.
    Elections Committee member Dave Edwards said the post-game huddle on this year's election will certainly include discussion on endorsements made by board members.

    "It's perfectly authorized under the standards of conduct, but I think we need to tighten up the wording," Edwards said. "I've been hearing complaints, but as long as a person is acting completely as an individual, [it is technically allowed]." He said the ugly tone of this election has detracted from issues facing Reston.
    We couldn't agree more.

  • With SOCIALIST Barack Obama signing a SOCIALIST health care bill that also happened to SOCIALIZE the federal student loan program, Reston-based non-SOCIALIST Sallie Mae has said it will have to cut one-third of its work force. So good if you're a college student or SOCIALIST, but bad if you work at non-SOCIALIST Sallie Mae. Maybe they can all get jobs at Accenture, which after rounds of layoffs, is now hiring nearly 400 people in Reston. SOCIALISTS!

  • Ever wanted to tromp through a wetland? The Reston Association is offering a Very Special Walk through the wetland near the proposed Herndon-Monroe Metro station at 5pm today.

  • Hey now, the fancy Washington Post "news-paper" figured out that Reston stands to lose much of its bus service.

  • The Hunter Mill Democratic Committee is holding its 34th annual lasagna dinner on April 10 at the Reston Community Center, featuring its "famous layered pasta caserole feast." Learn more here.

  • Reston resident Meghan Ridgley won her first major marathon, but said the wind was a factor in keeping her from a goal.
    "I was shooting for a 2:46 so I could make the Olympic tryouts," she said. "But wind is wind and there's nothing you can do about it."
    Take that, Alan Webb!

  • A memorial service for James S. Rossant, Reston's original master planner, will be held April 16 in New York City. More information is available here.

  • Speaking of which, have you finished up all your Founder's Day shopping yet? It's slated for April 10, featuring a presentation by urban planner Alex Garvin.

  • Finally, the most important news you'll read here -- or anywhere else -- anytime soon. Twyla Mooner, a blue Abyssinian cat from Reston, got a lot of attention at the "Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers" show. Read this breathless account:
    Twyla charmed spectators as she strutted around the arena -- on a leash attached to a little harness. She walked nicer than most dogs, never pulling or lunging. With her tail and head held high, Twyla made eye contact with strangers and sniffed inquisitively at cat toys and treats sold at vendors booths.

    About 350 cats competed at the show, sanctioned by the Cat Fanciers' Association Inc., and held at the Iceoplex at Southpointe in Canonsburg. Twyla Mooner was the only one that leash walked. When polite people asked if they could pet her, owner Lisa-Maria Padilla always said, "of course!" Twyla clearly enjoyed the kindness of strangers.

    When Ms. Padilla gave the command, "Roll over!" the cat complied, much to the delight of her audience. Then she got a treat -- freeze-dried chicken.

    Ms. Padilla swears anyone can train cats to do tricks for treats. She says it takes patience and positive reinforcement. Apparently cats won't respond well to negative reinforcement such as "NO!" or "bad cat!"
    Neither do many public officials.


    1. Good for Twyla! I think I've seen her and the human she owns at Petsmart.

    2. There's a human in bondage at Petsmart?

    3. Eat Lasagna, give Reston-based gifts or watch the DC Season 4 Roller Derby finals at the DC Armory? Hmmm, that's a tough one.

      I'm sorry NoVa DNC and Reston Founders, but you're just going to have to make do without me. Hello, DemonCats!

      Bring Roller Derby to Reston.

    4. And jai alai. But that's obvious.

    5. We need to preserve the wetlands if only to accomodate future growth at Targetville which appears to be bursting at its seems. There's no place to go once it spills over into Grumman's parking lot.

    6. Are you kidding? There's a whole undeveloped area underneath the Fairfax County overpass.

    7. Lake Anne has plenty of available space. I saw four homeless men with blankets and sleeping bags. I don't see the regular police foot patrol anymore now that I think about it.

    8. Perhaps one of the churches runs a shelter and had to turn these men away?

    9. Just read this post. Robin Smyers had NO IDEA her endorsement would set off a reaction. Her endorsement was 'leaked'. What all the newspapers are not willing to say is this. Robin sent her letter to the papers. She didn't just endorse candidates she viciously attacked other candidates and the group endorsing them, and so did her friends the board members of RCC. This is not okay. When is anyone in the media going to have the guts to say it. Apparently never. I've learned my lesson, don't try to fight the RA or RCC. You'll just be bashed and not allowed to defend yourself.


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