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Friday, March 26, 2010

Restonian The Movie 2: Electric Boogaloo Kicks Off Yet Another Open Comment Thread

We here at Restonian World Headquarters are feeling the love, so we thought we'd share the sequel to the blockbuster smash that had people weeping in the aisles. Listen to the wise words of one of our commenters, as reenacted by an indoor tennis enthusiast in front of a classic Reston single-family house, before enjoying another open comment thread. Warning: House color palette is definitely NSFDRB.


  1. When will Reston have a gay pride march?

  2. i wanna know more about BiCO ;)

  3. a gay pride march in reston would be fantastic!! or dare i say it... F A B U L O U S

  4. There could be a gay pride parade in Reston, but you'd have to leave behind that rainbow coalition signage. All the colors in it, other than green, are non-DRB approved.

  5. We don't have an Independence Day parade. We don't have a St. Patrick's Day parade. We don't have a Homecoming parade. We don't have Christmas or Easter's pageants. Why would we want to watch a flock of homosexuals playing grab ass in our streets with our children watching? If I wanted to see that, I would spend my weekends at Dupont Circle.

  6. Yes, BiCO! --- you, too, have been on my mind lately. And, I am still wanting to dance with you!

  7. You, Convict, are a @#$@#$V bigot --- right up there (or should we say down there?) with scum like smyers and chew.

    Shame on you -- you disgusting pig!

  8. Convict

    Not only is your bigotry appalling but your facts are wrong.

    SLHS has a homecoming parade every fall.

  9. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 26, 2010 at 7:05 PM

    Don't take the bait from the troll, everyone. I regularly post on my hometown's newspaper back North under the alias "SWB", and one of those fine folks has apparently found their way onto our sweet little web-log (along with several others harassing me on Facebook as well). Be very leery in the future of anything this "SWB" character may say in an attempt to slam BiCO. Let's just say Scranton, PA wasn't exactly a very socially progressive mecca, so when cornered in political debates people would use my sexual orientation as a means to try to cut me down (believe it or not with support from others). Hopefully this person is relatively benign, but I know the Facebook stalkers have been very vicious.

    Someone actually wants to dance with moi? I just bought Lady Antebellum's new CD, and I was blasting "Need You Now" with the windows of my Mazda down as I cruised Reston Parkway wasting fossil fuels. I was singing and swaying a bit. I got checked out by a hottie from Maryland (or creeped him out), so that was a great sign as I embark upon a wonderful weekend after a horrid week at the office! (Shucks off dress pants and runs amok naked around North Shore Drive in front of aging Lake Anne-loving hippies!)

  10. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO) : Soon-to-Be "Amongst the 'Hoods in Colvin Woods"March 26, 2010 at 7:13 PM

    I actually don't find Convict's commentary to be at all offensive. I may be openly gay, but I'm also very "butch" and most of my colleagues only know about my orientation through Facebook. I sharply disapprove of ANY public displays of affection from either the heterosexual or homosexual communities, so whenever I'm blessed enough to have someone agree to go on a date with me in our fantabulous fake downtown I never dream of reaching for his hand, necking, or "diving." LOL! I just think that's in poor taste. I'm really not a fan of the whole "pride" thing. I don't hide my orientation and am not ashamed of myself for who I am, but I don't know why so many of my peers want to show everyone whom they're attracted to. It just seems to be very attention-whorish to me.

  11. BiCO -- you are my hero!

    I am (way, WAY!) too old to know much about Lady Antebellum (Is she related to that other Lady I read about?), but I am old enough to remember the Loving v. VA case where a white man wanted to marry a black woman -- and that was illegal at that time.

    It's only a matter of time before same-sex marriages will be recognized nationwide, and I hope I am still alive when that day comes to VA.

  12. BiCO---you are a dude magnet and you know it :)

    I bet you are hot as hell (and we need some heat today!!)

    Dare I ask what your "stats" might be or is this the wrong filthy web log for that request?

  13. For the record, I was actually going for a '70s porn star vibe with the fancy web video. Apologies to any former '70s porn stars who might be offended.

  14. Oh Restonian, you just want to dance with BiCo, too, don't you?

    Woo hoo -- this really IS becoming a filthy web log!

  15. We have a little league parade too

  16. And, there is a big-time Christmas Parade on the day after Thanksgiving every year.

  17. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO): Soon-to-Be "Check Out My Goods in Colvin Woods"March 26, 2010 at 7:44 PM

    LMAO! This blog is hillarious!

    1.) My stats? I'm 23, 5'9", 140 lbs., dark brown hair, hazel eyes, slim build (working on the six-pack), a Colgate smile (thanks to those gross-tasting Crest white strips), and freshly tanned using some sort of weird-smelling and over-priced tanning lotion I picked up at our neighborhood Target. I wouldn't say I'm "hot", but I do catch cougars glancing at me from time to time at the gym, on the trail, or when I'm dancing and singing at red lights in my Mazda.

    2.) The more dancers the merrier! Just be advised any grinding will be done fully-clothed, and I have a clumsy habit of tripping and falling over!

    3.) Lady Antebellum is a country band that currently has that "Need You Now" song out that's been overplayed on the radio. I played it on YouTube 10 times today and also just bought their CD and blasted it with the windows down while cruising the mean streets of North Reston.

    4.) "Dude Magnet?" Hardly! Guys flirt with me constantly, but when push comes to shove I do something stupid to scare them off. I'm so tempted to just growl seductively at one of those cougars at my gym and have a great time in the sauna! Ow ow! ;-)

  18. 23 and so erudite, if not avuncular!

    I am impressed!

    Now tell us -- have you and Restonian been "grinding"? Between posts no less? On those dangerous Reston paths?

    BTW--in my era, those smiles were from a funky paste called "Pepsodent." And we had "Chicklet" teeth -- not to be confused with that filthy term "chick" used for woman.

    God save us if it really contained pepsin. If I am not mistaken that stuff dissolves flesh and is what those fly-eating plants use to digest their dinners.

  19. COMGCW (aka BiCO)-- If you are a Mazda driver, maybe you can tell me where can I get that "zoom zoom zoom" ring tone for my iphone?

    On the other hand, you were prolly 4 when Mazda used that jingle for its adverts.

  20. I posted this in the last open thread, but I guess it was little too late

    Does anyone about the guy who is always cleaning the intersection at Baron Cameron & Town Center Parkway? Is he homeless or something? He looks like Santa Claus. This homeless Santa Claus always comes out in the spring/summer, with has a shopping cart full of cleaning goodies, and is always cleaning the same intersection. Sometimes, I see him cleaning near the ramp to the Fairfax County Pkwy. But, he never crosses over to Herndon. I guess Herndon should get it's own homeless Santa Claus.

    I think this year someone gave him a safety vest. He scared the crap out of me. It was near sunset, and I was going on Bameron Cameron towards Herndon. I wanted to turn into Bennigton woods so I changed lanes into the turn lane, and he was standing on the turn lane cleaning it. Luckily, he was far away so I could go back to the travel lane safely. His safety vest was helpful.

  21. Since you almost ran him over, why don't you give him a safety vest?

    "Someone" doesn't exist -- even here in not so beloved Reston -- but you can rest and sleep well at night by spending $4.90 on a vest for him here:

  22. Then there is another individual who we see mindlessly picking up bits (of what we are left to imagine). He has a bag which he has straped over one shoulder and a pair of tongs. True I haven't seen him this year but fear I soon will.

    Ah is the campaign over yet?

  23. Nope --- Smyers will surely make an even bigger fool of herself and ruin what she has not yet already ruined before she beats it out of town.

    Her over priced bejeweled house is still for sale -- so she'll have to lower the price to at least market -- the market she made by her acts and negligent regime -- and suffer the losses that her failed tenure brought.

  24. Oh, please. Blaming Smyers for our declining home values is like blaming WMD for the war in Iraq: the two are only peripherally related.

    My kids have been in little league baseball and we've participated in the parade. That's more like a march than a parade. When I think parade, I think, floats, marching bands, baton twirlers, clowns, guys with fez'es driving tiny cars, a Marshall, etc.

    I had seen the SLHS parade a couple of times since I live along the parade route. I haven't seen it, though, in a couple of years. I just supposed that it had just gone by the wayside.

    So, Reston has one parade that qualifies by definition of parade. Growing up, the Town of Herndon used to have a fairly impressive Homecoming parade. We would walk across town so that we could watch it as it passed through the center of town.

    I would be impressed if we could put together something that traversed Reston, say along Reston Parkway. The Spectrum Plaza could be the assembly area, the reviewing stands could be at/by RTC and the terminal point could be at Commerce Park or even the Northrop Grumman/Microsoft parking lots.

    And, lastly, castigated by a Troll as a bigot? I'm flattered, frackwit.

  25. Do I sense a fellow BSG fan, Convict?

  26. convict

    Besides being a homophobe, you are an idiot!

    But I repeat myself.

    Open a dictionary. They do have them in the Gulag don't they.

    "parade" and "march" are synonyms!

    The Little League event is a parade.

    SLHS homecoming '09 had floats and bands, etc. Sorry you missed. They haven't missed a year since at least '84.

  27. 12:19: Fire your anger management counselor. You've become far too loving and understanding for this cruel, unrelenting world. I recommend starting with kicking dogs and work your way back up to a zombie-like trance of thoughtlessness, rage and self-hatred.

    HCKD: Smyers = Baltar?

  28. Le Pigeon

    Don't have a dog can I use yours?

    Love & kisses

    Anon 12:19

  29. 12:10: Are you asking me out? You minx. Sorry, but I only date uncultivated, provincial types.

  30. Here are my proposals for the NEW RESTON:

    1.) Too many of our institutions socialize during the meetings making them disorderly. They socialize there but no where else. People have a need to socialize that is not meet and meet poorly by socializing during institutional meetings. So therefore we will start our meetings with a informal cocktail hour. (What ever happened to the cocktail hour or why the demonization of all drink). This may sound alarming to some so far have we slid down the all drink is evil road. Most people around the world do look for a drink to break the ice and it is for this reason that visiting heads of state are often photographed having a libation with the President indicating all is alright. At the NEW RESTON the CEO would give everyone one drink (for $2) and note any peculiarities that would prohibit them from receiving one in the future. Citizens too could join in but would also be required to pay the same $2. After this informal cocktail hour the meeting could then procede3 under Robert Rules of order.

    2.) A new Citizens Internet News Paper would be formed hopefully with the Restonian as the paid editor. It might come out several times a year as a print edition with catalogue of summer options etc.

    3.) A new committee to supervise all staff/personnel decisions. All citizens that would want to go to meetings would be eligible. Those who pay for it would now make the decisions.

    4.) A new facilities committee would be formed which would supervise the maintenance and allow citizen volunteers to help with the maintenance

  31. I very much agree with Bob Simon in his assessment of education . Only 30% of jobs in the US require a college degree

    "We should certainly stop preaching that one must go to college to get a "decent job."

    I remember watching on TV a show about the German system and how the guy not going to college was going into a much needed technician program where they were a valued part of the work force.

    We must blame education and educators who have painted a golden highway and a golden system of employment somewhat for the current situation.

  32. Then just below that in the current edition is a "Request to Halt the current Board Election" by Guy L Rando. Having thought about it I would instead request a halt to the Milton Mathews, Richard Chew, Robin Smyers canididates on account of the unfair promotion of these candidacy by these individuals. I'm wondering if these canididates would be eligible to some sort of compensation for the compromising of their candidacy. They may be quite innocent as far as is known and may have just thought it was the way things were done in Reston.

  33. Yeah, Rod, college is bad, bad, bad. Down with higher education! If we learn too much, there won't be any jobs for us and all that gold we were promised will turn to dust! Shame on educators!

    Out of curiosity, are you willing to share your educational background, Rod?

  34. My point and I think Bob's is not that college is bad but just that there should be alternatives that are developed for those not going to college. Instead in America those not going to college are on their own. Where as in Germany technicians are a valuable part of the economy.

    I went to McLean High School and am a graduate of the Landing School of Boat building in Kennebunkport Maine. During my time there we built a 18 foot Cater Cat boat caravel planked, one of the best ever produced at that school. I have some great photos which I would love to post.

  35. "Instead in America those not going to college are on their own."

    Load of crap. Please supply valid references. "College" does not necessarily mean "Harvard." Were you on your own when you went to a school to build boats?

    "Where as in Germany technicians are a valuable part of the economy."

    Watch out, Rod, you're about to betray your Republican affiliation. Care to elaborate on how, exactly, technicians are a valuable part of the economy in Germany?

  36. I truly and deeply feel for Convict's kids.

    What an abomination of a father they have.

  37. So, Pride (gay that is) is usually in June, right?

    So what do we, the not-so-deeply closeted homosexuals, teachers-of-your-kids educators of Reston, have to do to get some marching and parading out here?

    After all, the governor has now protected us from employment discrimination, no?

  38. What is up with this??

    Colonial Greene Cluster has joined forces with Shadowood Condominium to petition to change the name of Shadowood Pool.

    1. The name of the pool should reflect the area where it’s located. It is the most equitable representation for all the clusters and condos near it, and would eliminate a lot of confusion. An example: Shadowood condominium gets a fair amount of phone calls every year asking for passes for the pool.
    2. Of the 15 pools in Reston, Shadowood is the only one that bears the name of a condominium. This creates confusion among the users, who may think that that pool is a private facility rather than a Reston Association pool.
    3. All the clusters and condominiums around the Shadowood pool want it to be a neighborhood pool. By keeping the name Shadowood it reinforces the notion that the people from the Shadowood condominium own the pool, or have priority use of the pool.

    Colonial Greene Cluster and Shadowood Condominium representatives have presented this request to the RA Board, who seem to be willing to discuss this request, but has asked to see signatures from people living in the vicinity of the Shadowood Pool.

    By signing this petition you agree that the name for Shadowood Pool should be changed. A new name proposed for the pool is SOUTH LAKES AREA POOL.
    If you would like to propose another name, please write it next to your signature.
    Thanks for your support.

    Colonial Greene Cluster Board
    Shadowood Condominium


  39. The RA Board wants to discuss something? Even as petty as a pool name change? Now THAT's news!

  40. For crying out loud --- just change the name of the damn pool --- does everything in Reston have to be such an onerous, PITA nightmare?

  41. Yes, Pij, I'm a BSG fan. I'm also a Lost fan and becoming a fan of the prequel, Caprica. It appears that I'm the only person that actually liked Enterprise. I liked Quantum Leap when it was on the tube, so the notion of Scott Bakula as the Captain of the Enterprise didn't bother me. In fact, I like him better than Kate Mulgrew as Capt. Janeway.

    But enough of my geekery. It's a beautiful day and the kids want to go outside and play.

    You're so cute, Troll. I hope you're entertained. BTW, you should learn how to spell. It might help people make sense of your gibberish.

  42. Get a life--you've got kids and here you are being pedantic about spelling? You got the message and that's what matters --- no matter how it's spelled.

    As we said, you are pathetic and we feel for your kids. Hopefully, they do get out and see normal things, people and ways rather than your wretched so-called life.

    It's a shame kids can't divorce their strange pathetic parents

  43. Convict, time to sic the smoke monster on the troll!

  44. Sweeeeet. I gave up on Lost after the second season. I was engaged, but there wasn't enough energy to carry me on to the third season. Caprica looks promising. I've only seen the pilot.

    So how about Firefly? I've rarely had that much fun with a sci-fi series.

    Gonna continue watching Frank Herbert's Dune with a friend tonight. Very cool series from the early '00s. Shockingly good for Sci-fi Channel programming.

    The gay parade argument is interesting, and I'm divided. On one hand, yes, PDA (public displays of affection) is unsettling to me, gay or not. On the other hand, any culture or subculture should have the right to display its beliefs publicly (even fabulously). The more they do so, the more the public will have an opportunity to learn what they have to offer, ideologically and symbolically, and then form their opinions. Information is power.

    I lived near "Boy's Town" on the north side of Chicago near Wrigley Field for several years, and witnessed a few of the infamous annual parades there. They were a lot of fun. It's basically a Mardi Gras, and people of all types and persuasions join in and go crazy for a little while.

    I stopped going because it was too much craziness for me, but I still respected what they were accomplishing.

  45. Let's bring back Twin Peaks!

    Now that was must see TV.

  46. I missed Twin Peaks when it was broadcast because I worked nights. I've got it, though, in my Netflix queue. I think The Missus will get a charge out of it as well.

    And V returns this week. I can hardly wait for that.

    I haven't seen Firefly. I think I'm going to give it a gander. I wonder if it's on Hulu. And enjoy Dune with your friend, Pij.

    As for you, Troll, you certainly play the part well: antagonize the locals, derail threads and all without revealing anything about yourself. Well, I hope you're thriving on the negative attention. It's just too bad that you aren't capable of contributing to the conversation meaningfully.

    But since you seem to be such an expert on how to raise my children, supposing you tell us the source of your expertise? Do you have kids? If so, how many and how old? What do you do with them? What are the challenges of parenthood in the 2010's?

    Or are you just an Anonymous Troll who lives in Mama's basement and isn't going to reveal anything about themselves because that's antithetical to effective trollery?

  47. Indeed - great show - and Twin Peaks will always be with us.

    I've recently rented the first season of Northern Exposure in an attempt to get back to that great era.

  48. Shame on you for demonstrating nothing but your bigotry, hatred, vitriol, intolerance, and ignorance to your children and to the rest of us, and the world as well.

    You are the poster child for all that Reston is not.

    And to refer you your unfortunate wife as "The Missus"? That's sexist and as disgusting as it gets.

    And then you have the audacity and arrogance to call others trolls.

    Man, it really sucks to be you, doesn't it?

  49. Northern Exposure was another one of those shows that I missed because of evening work hours. And it too is in the Netflix queue. It's just too bad that neither NE or TP are available to watch instantly.

    Another empty post filled with hatred, vitriol, intolerance and bigotry by the troll.

    Just like I said, the Troll will never reveal anything meaningful about itself because that is antithetical to effective trollery.

    Nice way to not answer the question, though. What is the source of your expertise on parenting? Or are you just getting off on all of the negative attention?

    BTW, troll, I'm also a fan of Survivor. Do you think that if the Restonian community were to have tribal council right now, that you or I would be voted off of the island? Maybe I'm not the best liked here, but the only person who seems to be calling me out is the Troll. Can you make the same claim, frackwit?

  50. I'd vote off the troll for being a simpleton who thinks that being called a "simpleton" is racist against simple people.

    Not that being simple is wrong, per se, but that so many of them impedes an island's ability to improve itself. They just breed more never-going-to-invent-anything-useful simpletons.

  51. Convict, time to sic Russell "I am the greatest player ever on Survivor" Hantz on the troll.

    Ironically, what the troll doesn't know is that the hidden immunity item is beneath the very bridge under which he lives.

    Come on troll, give yourself a handle, maybe in honor of one of the regulars here:

    The Troll in Charter Oak (TiCO)
    Le Troll
    The Troll From Less Sought After South Reston
    The Troll in the Gulag
    Troll's Sharpening Service
    Bob Simon's Trollistic Alter Ego

    The possibilities are endless.

  52. Bring on a gay pride day at RTC.

    I don't think it would be anything like what they have in San Fran or even DC for that matter.

    Don't want your kids to see the pride event? Stay away from RTC that day.

    Even better, Gay pride at Lake Anne!

    I'd give my eye-teeth for a bunch of homosexuals to start setting up businesses at the plaza.

    If it means seeing a couple of dudes canoodling after a meal at Jasmine's so that the plaza would become economically viable who cares? (Who cares if a couple of guys are canoodling anyhow?)

    Hey gay dudes! Come improve Lake Anne and then renovate all the older housing around and drive up the home prices like y'all did in the Village, The Castro, Miami Beach, Rehobeth Beach, and every other community that became gay oriented.



    p.s. Janeway Best Captain Ever (next to Kirk)

  53. ahahahaha at the renaming of shadow wood
    it doesn't make a difference because only people who live in shadow wood actually go to the pool.
    Everyone living near shadow wood pool but not in the condominiums goes to Glade, Lake Audubon, or Ridge Heights. What someone really needs to do is fix it up, the place is crap.

  54. the new sushi place at lake anne is AWESOME. I highly recommend it. It's next to the museum.

  55. Re: Le Pigeon's post on Firefly, don't forget to see the movie Serenity. It's a shame the show was cancelled.

  56. Bob Simon's Metallic Alter-EgoMarch 29, 2010 at 12:05 AM

    HCKD -- I'll second the positive review of the sushi place. It's seriously good -- but keep in mind that it's takeout only. They don't have any tables or place to sit.

  57. I bet no one has asked: where did Shadowood condominium get its name? A long-time resident told me that a part of Reston was known as Shadowood before the condos were built. I'm just guessing, but the coincidence is striking.

    Another person informs me that the majority of calls to Shadowood's management office for poolpasses actually comes from Shadowood residents.

    I'm looking for balance here. Should the RA bear the costs of changing signage, maps, brochures, etc.? Should Shadowood be a bit more proactive in informing its residents about the nearby pool? Should Shadowood change its name to avoid the calls? Hmmmm.

  58. There was an article in the paper today about the buspocalypse. There was also big hand-made sign taped at the Reston East Park and Ride bus stop urging people to attend the meetings in which the bus issues will be raised.

    I have the feeling people are not going to let it happen. Pretty cool.

  59. BSMAE,

    Thanks I will give it a go!


  60. As I passed a house in Reston today a Chinese lady opens her door and hollers at me saying she agrees with me and thanks me for running. Everywhere I go in Reston today the average citizen aplaudes my candidacy and says they have voted for me. This after $180 CEO Milton Mathews and RA President Robin Souers use email campaigns to endorse their own canididates, the "Browns Chapel Group" after meeting in the dark of the night with themselves (two people) endorse their group of canididates, the supposedly trustworthy Cate Fulkerson tries to stab my candidacy in the back in her feeble attempt to say that I was "unruly and disrespectful" at a RA meeting along with every other political hack in this town I am never the less emerging among the average citizen voter as the little engine that could and slowly and surly am emerging as the winning candidate in this race for the at large position.

  61. The average citizen is very much for cutting the waste, two-way communication,
    allowing more citizen volunteering,
    lowering the assessment and more
    citizen control.

  62. The average Reston citizen dosen't really much read the newspapers or really the Times (which is the only circulated Newspapaer in Reston) or the Restonian or emails from Milton Mathews. Now some do of course.

  63. This average citizen wishes that you would get your own blog, and hopes that you lose your campaign.

  64. Sounds like Chew in here.

  65. Rod, GET YOUR FREAKING BLOG, Jesus Christ!

  66. Are we to read that last comment as in "Rod, get your freaking blog, (signed) Jesus Christ"?

    Does that mean Jesus (as opposed to "HAY-sus") is now a regular reader of Restonian? Where does He find the time, especially in the middle of Holy Week?


  67. I don't know about that, 12:20, but we should report him to ICE just in case.

  68. Convict, we can report HAY-sus to ICE, but Jesus reports to a higher authority.

  69. Save Johns Chapel is sending out emails endorsing Joe "in order to save our open spaces" BUT who voted for the new RA documents putting them at risk? And who ran against them?

  70. I think Pilate and the Pharisees would disagree with you on that.

  71. uhhh Rod -- it's Save Browns Chapel... not Johns.


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