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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Next Round of Reston Master Plan Meetings Begin Tonight

For Master Plan.jpgThe Reston Master Plan Task Force with a ridiculously long name we won't try to spell out (RMPTFWRLNWWTTSO) now turns its attention to the area south of the future Herndon-Monroe metro station, currently home to a crumbling parking garage and Targetville's sister city. The study area also includes "the areas around the future Wiehle Avenue" -- what, are we in a time warp or something? -- as well as Reston Parkway and the Fake Downtown.

"It is envisioned that future development in this area should take advantage of its proximity to Metro while preserving nearby neighborhoods" is how the RMPTFW task force is characterizing its work.

An informational meeting will be held tonight at 7pm at the Reston Community Center at Lake Anne, where "county and possibly other speakers will provide background on planning, policies, and practices as they apply to this area." Sounds like a party! Then on Saturday, a community forum will be held at 9am at Langston Hughes Middle School.

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  1. The meeting is about more than the HM station. The hour prior to the HM discussion is a transportation overview followed by discussion of transit-oriented development, a topic that should be of interest to many people:

    7:30 p.m. Overview of Existing Comprehensive Plan recommendations related to Transportation, Leonard Wolfenstein, Department of Transportation
    7:45 p.m. Transit‐Oriented Development (TOD) Presentations
    •Montgomery County experience
    John Carter, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning
    •Arlington County experience
    Robert Brosnan, Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development
    •Reston Metro Access Group (RMAG) Report
    Rick Stevens, Fairfax County Department of Transportation


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