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Friday, January 29, 2010

Garden State: Reston's Homegrown Gunman Has No Links to Terrorist Groups; Just Likes Guns

branchburg-arrest-woodsonjpg-5375d748d8a34266_medium.jpgSome "good" news about former Reston resident Lloyd Woodson, who was arrested earlier this week in New Jersey with a grenade launcher, a cache of weapons, and maps of a military installation. He's apparently not a terrorist.

Police say they haven't turned up any links to terrorist groups by 43 year old Lloyd Woodson and his motives are a mystery.

Among items found in his motel room was a Middle Eastern red and white traditional headdress, according to The Star-Ledger, of Newark, N.J.

The weapons allegedly included guns with defaced serial numbers and banned ammunition.

Woodson's estranged wife told the Associated Press that her husband was just a loner who needs psychological counseling and that he is a gun collector.
Now that's a relief?


  1. The Convict in the GulagJanuary 29, 2010 at 9:59 AM

    But we Gulashniki want to know, did he have an M-79 or the M-203? Both are a lot of fun. I remember in the Army, when we were working on the grenade launcher range at Knox playing horse shoes with the remaining ammunition. We had an old truck tire about 150m down range. The object was to drop the round into the tire.

  2. One eye seems to be nearly blind. You're only supposed to masturbate till you need glasses, not until you're blind.

  3. The Convict in the GulagJanuary 29, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    Yeah. Maybe he's the guy at 1:03 am posting advertisements for glasses.

  4. I think the squinty-eyed look is because he got pepper-sprayed by the police while being apprehended.

  5. "Among items found in his motel room was a Middle Eastern red and white traditional headdress"

    I don't know, his head looks so swollen that the only thing that would probably fit it must have been one of those red and white tablecloths that he probably stole from some Italian restaurant off of the Jersey Turnpike.

  6. The swollen appearance is merely the effect of gravity.

    He has his game face on in his first court appearance.

  7. Actually, in the photo of his court appearance it looks to be not so much his game face as his passing gas face that he has on.


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