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Monday, December 7, 2009

On the YouTubes: Terrifying Video Images from First Snowfall of Year

Relive the sheer terror of driving in 1/16" of slushy snow on Saturday with this gripping, you-are-there view from some brave soul's car. But not until you've had that first cup of coffee or six.



    Any idea where this is, what terrible Top 40 music we are listening to nowadays, or what language we're supposed to be speaking now? Is this approved by RHA?

  2. The Convict in the GulagDecember 7, 2009 at 2:13 PM

    I was out on Route 7 headed west about noon on Saturday. You couldn't see the Dranesville Road intersection from the Fairfax County Parkway. It was GREAT! Gawd, I love driving during nasty weather, especially when it's snow.

  3. I've never seen so many people in tiny little cars paralyzed with fear sitting in the middle of the road holding up traffic as I did Saturday. People literally just stopped in the middle of the road, too afraid to move any further. Days like that I miss where I grew up near Canada, where people are used to the snow.

  4. The Convict in the GulagDecember 7, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    For those who are interested, that's Russian music and the riders in the car are speaking Russian. The first part is garbled, but he's saying something about "further". Her reply is "Yes".

    Tovarischi! Sneg upal, sneg vipal, nyet? A kakaya gruppa igrali musiku na video? DDT?

  5. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonDecember 7, 2009 at 4:26 PM

    I drove down Lawyers Road towards Vienna around noon on Saturday, and while the road wasn't great, it was certainly passable. Like Anon 2:37, I saw a few cars that seemed paralyzed. The trip back two hours later was a breeze, since Lawyers had been plowed.

    And if I can attempt to translate Convict's last paragraph: "Comrades! Snow fell, snow (?), right? Which group is playing the music on the video?"

  6. The Convict in the GulagDecember 7, 2009 at 4:39 PM

    Otlichno, Krestyanchik. It's like snow was falling then we were completely snowed under. It's from some children's poetry that I read many years ago.

  7. Wow, do we have our own little ruskaya grupa right here in Reston? I thought that the Gulag reference was just from a Solzhenitsyn fan, but apparently not. I'm not Russian myself but I did study it in school and spent a semester there. Anyway, I need to start taking my flip mino out with me while driving. Then maybe while I'm waiting for the light to change I can even do some quick video editing on my lapto with one of these:

  8. Ya tozhe uchil ruskie yazik f shkole!!

    (I also studied Russian in school!!)

  9. Ok, I definitely think we need to start a Reston Russian Club, who's with me? This could bring all new meanings to the whole "dear leader" talk that this blog incites. Heck, Rob Simon even has a goatee (or is it a Vandyke?) no doubt inspired by some caricatures of Russian fashion! And what with Reston being a planned community that is quite leftist politically, ah... this is all starting to make sense now! Rob Simon's master plan involved secretly enticing those with Russian backgrounds to come live here so that he could plan a wholesale revolution headed by the RA! Next, annexation of our wealthy, more conservative neighbors to the East and South, then the Findlandization of Herndon!

  10. The Convict in the GulagDecember 9, 2009 at 5:24 PM

    Vot eto da! Kazhitsa russkogovoryaushii vezdye. Da, a mi vcem vmeste zhivyom v svoim gorodchikye malenkom, kracivom, schastlivom, uyutnom. (Wow! It seems that Russian speakers are everywhere. Yes, and we all live together in our small, beautiful, happy, cozy little city.)

    Maybe we should rename the place Restongrad? Now, if only we could get them to decorate our Metro stations half as well as the stations in Moscow.

  11. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonDecember 9, 2009 at 8:46 PM

    In the immortal words of Billy Mays:

    "But wait! There's more!"

    If you couldn't get enough of this hot video of the blizzard of ought-nine, there's another 87 seconds of heart-pounding action (and equally bad music) on this sequel done by the same intrepid cinematographer that would make folks in Buffalo, Fargo, and International Falls just gasp with envy: