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Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend Planner: Log Cabins, Stream Napalming, and Some Kind of Pagan Festival in the Square

Too bad the weather's so crappy, as there's tons of exciting things to do around our favorite earth-toned planned community this weekend.

333760_1014104320.jpgFirst up: Saturday's 8th annual Reston Home Tour, which benefits the newly renovated (and actually quite good) Reston Museum. Here's the list of homes on this year's tour, which includes, among other things, a 200-year-old log cabin. WTF?

* Lake Anne, Heron House condominium, The Suntum Home – Owned by a long-time White House staffer, this one-bedroom condo built in 1964 has been reconfigured and updated with 21st century style.

* Lake Anne townhouse, The Over Home – Located in the original model row of Reston’s first cluster, established in 1964 at Lake Anne, this home was designed by renowned architect Clothiel Woodard Smith.

* Golf Course Cluster townhouse, The Reinhardt Home – The basic brick exterior of this home belies the interesting interior and lushly landscaped back yard complete with fountain and a view of Reston National fairways.

* North Point contemporary detached home, The Greenstreet Home – This custom CP1 home with a 180-degree view of Lake Newport contains a display of fine art and craft.

* South Lakes traditional detached home, The Abbott Home – A whole new dimension has been added to this dwelling with help from the owners’ neighbor, architect Richard Newlon, and interior designer Jeanette Kelly.

* Fairfax Hunt Club – The 200-year old log “home” (pictured) has served as headquarters for the Fairfax Hunt (established 1928) since 1951. Meet the chef and enjoy his demo and complimentary tastings during the tour, and learn more about this place in Reston.

The tour day ends at The Wine Cabinet at North Point with complimentary wine tastings and appetizers from 4-6 p.m.
All we know is that that fence in front of the log cabin sure looks like an illegal party wall if we've ever seen one.

Next up: An RA-sponsored stream cleanup at Snakeden Branch, from 9am-12pm Saturday. Come stroll through the recently deforested restored stream bed, looking for the random piece of debris or errantly spared sapling! "It's amazing what a group of people can accomplish in a few hours," the announcement reads, so there you go.

Finally, there's something called "Festival on the Square" at Reston Heights, which includes Reston Interfaith's Help the Homeless Community Walk, face painting, a hay maze and an interactive Lego exhibit. The last festivities we recall being held there were oddly pagan, so don't be surprised if you see some sort of small animal sacrificed to the Goddess of Fall or whatnot.

So yay! Busy Saturday. You're on your own for Sunday, though.

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  1. Peasant from a Very Special Episode of Reston HeightsOctober 19, 2009 at 9:26 AM

    The Festival on the Square would've been pretty cool if the weather had been even slightly decent. I was disappointed that the Z-Car guys bailed out early - glimpsed them from my balcony at the Mercer early, but they were gone by afternoon. Figured that part of the "festival" wouldn't be especially affected, but I guess not.


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