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Monday, September 21, 2009

Flashback Monday: A Fancy Tea Party Could Win You a Coffee Mug


My, what a fancy tea party! In celebration of the Reston Museum's grand reopening on Friday, the first person to correctly guess what's going on in this photo could win a Reston coffee mug from the museum. Clicky click here for more information.

Among the newly renovated Museum's exhibits: an arrowhead found in a Restonian's yard after a storm (meaning our favorite planned real estate development was, what, built atop an Indian burial ground?), and the "golden sledgehammer" used to drive in the final spike at the Wiehle Avenue Bridge (forget that far less consequential feat of engineering, the transcontinental railroad). "Even the bathroom is an exhibit," one account exclaims, though in ways both literal and figurative, we won't go there.


  1. The judges examining an entry in the Best Carpet in Reston competition?

  2. Bob Simon on a DAR trapping expidition? Note the Eathan Allen bait & portrait of John Birch.


  3. This blog has jumped the shark...

  4. The first Reston Homes Tour. Somewhere in Lake Anne. :) Really just a complete guess out of left field.

    It's probably just a Mobil Land wives winter tea party and they poured too much peppermint schnapps into their cocoa and when it got rowdy someone lost a contact lens.

  5. Nixon-era cougars! That rocks.

  6. Brooklyn Bridge SalesmanSeptember 24, 2009 at 10:50 AM

    A warrantless DRB surprise raid to check if the carpet meets all the appropriate design guidelines for earth-toned colors?


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