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Monday, August 31, 2009

On the YouTubes: Still More Fun From the Reston Town Hall

OMG, the Reston Town Hall is just the gift that keeps on giving! Here are two more "fun" videos from last Tuesday's event:

First up: Another fun performance from the band of traveling vaudevillians we've already showcased. We especially like the "authentic" period dialogue. Nothing racist there!

Second, watch in horror as dissent is brutally crushed. When a school security officer shows such brutal disregard for our "rights," you know that the FEMA camps are just months away.

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  1. I had an e-mail from a friend in California because of this circus -- she's asking "what the heck is going on in your town?" Sigh. Apparently people in California are upset about our free speech in Virginia being curtailed. They must not realize that it's a Democrat who was curtailing it, which makes it okay.


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