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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fairfax Considering City Status, Making Reston its Most Earth-Toned Precinct

CityLimitsSign.jpgSo Fairfax County, what with its awesome "downtown" of car dealerships and shopping malls at Tysons Corner, wants to make it official and consider becoming an incorporated city.

Fairfax County Executive Anthony H. Griffin told the Board of Supervisors that city status would allow Fairfax greater autonomy over taxes and transportation. But it would also turn the tables on the nearby capital city: With 1 million residents, a new Fairfax City would dwarf the District of Columbia, which has fewer than 600,000. (Set aside for a moment that the county already surrounds a smaller Fairfax City.)
In your face, Washington, D.C., with your insignificant monuments and sports arenas and seat of federal government! All of which is well and good, but where does that leave us and our earth-toned residential development? So much for that whole Res-TOWN thing if that happens, but what would we call Reston then?

If this comes to pass, we want Reston to be considered a shire of Fairfax County City. Shirehood now!


  1. As I responded in prior post...

    Fairfax County a city -- interesting idea ...

    I'm not sure I see any benfit -- in my oinion, the County is the culprit that took Mr. Simon's best laid plan and sold it to developers...

    Ms. Hudgins needs to go -- she is our County representative and has basically rubber stamped everything... she's easily manipulated.

  2. As long as milton matthews and the abomination that has become the Reston Association is left among the jobless, count my vote in.

    Did you know:

    1. milton matthews sponsored a million-dollar computer system upgrade at the RA and it doesn't work?

    2. When I asked to review the contract, he denied the request saying my request was not "proper."

  3. The Convict in the GulagJuly 3, 2009 at 7:44 PM

    Screw cityhood. We should go for the whole banana. We should get Loudoun and Prince William to join Fairfax and then pursue STATEHOOD, becoming the state of Northern Virginia!

    Viva La Revolucion!

  4. I go away for a while and what happens? RA tries to remove more green space to make Reston look more like Herndon. Our wonderful South Reston gang fights get bigger -- now with more helicopters. RA spends our dues money like water, to satisfy both RA director and RA CEO ego.
    And Fairfax County wants to be a city.

    The county wants to do this so our taxes can go up. Our road verges are not being mowed fast enough. And our county supervisors are tired, yes tired, of having to say this is VDOT's problem. Evidently the two hikes in property taxes were not enough.

    Changing the county to city is another bad deal for Reston. Right now we pay extra to commute, extra to have an apparently inadequate recreation center, and extra to get Metro. Here is what our current supervisor has done:
    - tries to shoehorn housing in our green spaces
    - spends money on political supporters, not the community
    - defers needed maintenance (making infrastructure fail faster)
    - raised taxes twice for no greater service
    - let the library curtail time open and services
    - taken forever to update Lake Anne
    - that Lake Anne update will greatly increase traffic
    - Reduced local transportation, esp. for disabled individuals.
    - Environmental stewardship resides in the complaining residents, not the county or RA.

    Will Reston get better services or less taxes an a city? My answer is no.

  5. Forgot to add the road diet here in South Reston. THe bike lanes to nowhere will lead to more rush hour delays.


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