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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Week in Crime: Reston woman arrested for gruesome gang-related murder in Md.

Eighteen-year-old Reston resident Ana Abarca was one of six people arrested in connection with the January gang-related stabbing of a 15-year-old in Maryland.

Six suspected gang members, including one who recently escaped a Salvadoran prison and fled to Maryland, were in custody yesterday in connection with the slaying of a 15-year-old who was stabbed approximately 72 times and thrown into a Gaithersburg creek five months ago, Montgomery County prosecutors and police said.

Immediately after the stabbing, one of the suspects went to a grocery store to buy a celebratory beer, police said in charging documents made public yesterday. The suspect then returned to his kitchen a knife used in the killing, and he and his roommate later used it to prepare food, according to the documents.

The six suspects are members of the 18th Street gang or are associated with the gang, authorities said. On the night of Jan. 18 -- a number significant to the gang's culture -- at least four of them went looking for a member of rival gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, to harm, police said. They spotted Dennys Guzman-Saenz at a bus stop in Langley Park and dragged him into the back seat of a vehicle. At least one of the suspects began stabbing Guzman-Saenz on the way to the park. At the park, one of the suspects told investigators, the car was met by accomplices wearing ski masks.

Charged with first-degree murder in the case are Ventura-Quintanilla, 22, of no fixed address; Lozano, 32, of Germantown; Ysaud Flores, 30, of Gaithersburg; Ana Abarca, 18, of Reston; Daniel A. Zavala, 26, of the District; and Silvia Martinez, 19, of the District. Police said last night that an additional suspect, a 28-year-old from Bladensburg whom they did not identify, had been taken into custody.

The six suspects were arrested during the past several days and were being held.
Of course, any loss of human life is tragic, but to use the murder weapon to prepare food? Yikes.


  1. These people are nuts. What are were they thinking? 1st of all they are dumb for being in gangs. 2na.. Man, and that girl Ana is stupid insted of doing stupid things like what they did she could of been taking care of her baby... and her family. Now her baby girl is going to have grow up with out her... and when they she askes about her mother thats going to be horble to hear that her mother is in juil for killing someone for the stupidest reson for being in a geng. I hope the killers stey in juil for a long time because nobody diserves to die for something like that. About that knife that is nasty, how could they eat after killing someone and that is nastier how could they eat food at they used the same knife to kill someone in their food. See thats the kind of people that should be in juil not people that dont have papers.

  2. Let me tell you people. Ana Abarca is in jail for been witness of the tragedy that ended at in the death of the poor boy. She didnt even know about, what the stupid gangers were planing. Ana Abarca is not in jail for kill the boy or even for stab. Actually, she didnt touched the boy, she didnt even see him, she didnt committed any direct murder that in plied her in physical attack against the boys. The news were saying that she was one of the ones that murdered the boy. when they actually weren't sure about, all the news did was assumed arguments that were no really true. We are sorry for what happened to her. people like her should think that gangs are not good for society and for surrounding behaviors.

  3. fu. ck all this pitty sh it!! Kill all of them and make them suffer!


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