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Friday, May 8, 2009

Move Over, Hollywood: This Summer's Blockbuster is Set at Lake Anne

upposter.jpg.jpegWe can now celebrate the official beginning of the summer movie season. Not because of that movie featuring some guy with metal claws like Lee Press-On Nails(tm), or the one where a bunch of young actors portray a bunch of washed-up young actors from the 1960s, but thanks to this blockbuster-to-be:

The Lake Anne Merchants Association has released new piece of Reston history on DVD, "The Heart and Soul of Reston," as told by Robert E. Simon, Jr.

The 30-minute film features Simon, founder of Reston, as he tells the story of how and why Reston was created, with emphasis on the initial development of the community, Lake Anne and "the heart and soul of Reston." Merchants at Lake Anne initiated the process of producing the DVD in 2008. The group had the desire to do something significant in dedication to Reston's founder, who is a resident and patron of the Lake Anne Village Center.

Eduardo Faubert, owner of Jasmine Cafe on Lake Anne, said he and the other merchants wanted to create the DVD to celebrate Simon and record his views and ideas for Lake Anne and Reston in his own words. "This guy is a special guy," he said of Simon. "It's like living history. We're lucky." He said at 95 Simon is more active than some 35-year-old people and his energy and enthusiasm is impressive.

The film was produced by Fairfax Public Access and underwritten by the Lake Anne Merchants. The DVD is now on sale for $10 at various Lake Anne Village Center shops, including Lake Anne Florist, Jasmine Cafe, Reston Art Gallery and Studios and Reston's Used Book Shop. The DVD was released on Founder's Day on April 18 in honor of Simon's 95th birthday, which was April 10.
You'll want to see it in theaters for the climactic car chases and tree cullings, but you'll want to own it forever for the DVD extras (cough cough deleted scenes cough cough).

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  1. Or you could try out the in-depth, 3-hour Reston Past, Present, and Future video by Tom Resz. Order from:


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