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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RA Headquarters Referendum: Your Guess is as Good as Ours

Here's the problem with running a filthy "web-log," as opposed to a legitimate news organization that pays something called "reporters" minimum wage to attend boring meetings and take notes that are ultimately printed on newsprint before being recycled or used to line a birdcage or whatnot: The Reston Association probably announced the results of its awesome headquarters referendum during a "special" meeting on Monday night, but try as we might, we can't get any information about what happened. Not that we tried much harder than Googling "awesome Reston HQ +filing cabinets," of course, but you get the idea.

We're guessing by the fact that we haven't seen a phalanx of construction cranes converging around Isaac Newton Square that it didn't pass or meet its quorum, but who knows. We're fond of Bob Simon's modest proposal, the one where they keep leasing for a while and maybe buy a filing cabinet or two at Office Depot, then help jumpstart Lake Anne's awesome revitalization by building the headquarters there, thereby ensuring that future microwaved tapas joints will be economically viable.

But we digress. You'd think that RA would post the results of the referendum on its awesome redesigned Web site, which has a filthy "web-log" of its own, but the most recent minutes are from January and the "news releases" section is as empty as Lake Anne Village Center on a rainy afternoon. All joking aside, an official site in the midst of the Dulles "high-tech corridor" (AOL!) should be able to do better. As for those news organizations with their fancy reporters and notepads? Maybe when their newsprint editions wind up sitting in puddles in our driveway later in the week, we'll know for sure.

Either that, or some smart-alec will post a comment within 30 seconds of this posting going live, and we'll all know. Either way's good.


  1. The results of the Reston Association 2009 Headquarters Facility Referendum announced tonight are as follows:

    Total Potential Voters (properties) = 17,311

    30% quorum required = 5193

    Votes received = 5022

    Referendum is 171 votes short of required quorum.

    117 ballots declared INVALID

    2474 votes FOR

    2431 votes AGAINST.

    Please see that attached BDO Seidman LLP report for full details.

    Reston Association will not move forward on this referendum at this time.

    Reston Association will look to staff to work with Cresa Partners to find a facility to lease.

    Reston Association has stated that all inquiries re: lease actions be directed to CEO Milton Mathews.

  2. I have been searching for the results of this referendum since I voted against it. Only now, in the comments section of an unofficial blog, can I find an answer. Sad state of affairs, I think. Sadder that had 171 more votes been made, it may have passed.


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