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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This and That: A Random Traipse Through Reston News

  • Dear Leader Bob Simon was honored with a special joint concert in his honor by the Reston Community Orchestra and the Reston Chorale. Simon's family owned Carnegie Hall up in fancypants New York City, and he had to settle for a venue last used to showcase nekkid people, albeit nekkid people who won rave reviews and stuff.
  • The still-possibly-to-be-demolished-yet-awesome Macaroni Grill, this blog's favorite restaurant, got a D- from Men's Health in its listing of America's unhealthiest restaurants. According to its biased liberal account, "this Italian grease spot serves some of the worst appetizers in the country, offers not one dinner entrĂ©e with fewer than 800 calories, and hosts no fewer than 60 menu items with more than 2,000 mg of sodium—almost an entire day’s worth of the salt!" Them's fighting words!
  • The Reston Regional Library has a new manager. Andrew Pendergrass comes from Vienna's Patrick Henry Library, where he got a Wii, celebrated the Iranian New Year and threw a Harry Potter party, presumably not all on the same day.
  • Reston native Dawie van der Walt qualified for the Chitimacha Louisiana Open. We read the story about a half-dozen times, and we're still not sure what sport this involves. Golf, we think, or maybe musketry.
  • If you can get through the smarmy tone of this article, you'll learn that Two Reston Crescent, located next to one of Sprint/Nextel's dwindling non-Kansas properties, has won a "health care industry tenant." Sweet! Also, there's a deli and shuttle service coming.
  • First it was pigs. Then it was people. Now it's fruit bats which have been infected with our namesake Reston Ebola virus. PANIC

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  1. Just what we need. Another gym. Let's see, there's WorldGate, the Y, the one at Plaza America, the one near the Reston Assn building..but wait -- those are all on the desirable NORTH SIDE of the toll road. Maybe the fact that this will be on the less desirable SOUTH SIDE will make it affordable. LOL. I guess there's always "FUN" bootcamp.