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Friday, February 20, 2009

World travelers agree: Reston Town Center rocks, thanks to planned addition of new chain eateries

So you've traveled the globe and relish exploring new places, like this blogger:

We travel the world. We explore; we eat, we drink, we immerse ourselves in local custom and life. When we live in Italy, we go to Venice, eat pasta and drink red wine. When we live in Germany, we go to Munich, eat wurst and tip our steins. When we live in Japan, we go to Kyoto, eat noodles and down Saki.
Awesome. Then you come back to the DC area. Where do you go to satisfy that same wanderlust?
The trick is to treat this assignment not as a reprieve, but as another chance for adventure.

Which brings us to the Reston Town Center.
Wait, what?

Hold the phone, though. Apparently three new eateries are coming to Reston's fake downtown: Yogen Früz, Marvelous Market, and Chipotle.

We stand corrected. You had us at the umlaut, Yogen Früz.

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