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Monday, February 16, 2009

Meanwhile, in the other other Anti-Reston: A Traitor in Our Midst

Reston CEO Milton Matthews is a finalist for President of the Columbia Association, the equally earth-tone obsessed governing body of our evil doppelganger to our north, where they hate Christmas and drive around endlessly on Satan Wood Drive.

According to a news release, the three are Milton Matthews, 54, chief executive officer of the Reston Association, a similar homeowners association for the smaller planned community in Virginia; Phil Nelson, city manager of Troy, Mich.; and Rob Goldman, 59, vice president for sports and fitness at the Columbia Association for the past 19 years.

Troy is the 13th largest city in Michigan, with a population of 81,000, according to the town's Web site. Nelson was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Matthews said he has been at Reston for more than four years, after serving as city manager of Webster Grove, Mo., for more than 14 years. His wife, Barbara, he said, is city manager of Takoma Park.
We, for one, are shocked. What does Columbia have that we don't? Besides a garish shopping mall plopped in the middle of town, that is. Maybe if we build an Orange Julius in the building soon to be vacated by RA Headquarters, he'll stay.


  1. RA has certainly deteriorate under his leadership.

    Can we help him pack?

  2. Good riddance. I've met him. Did not impress at all.

  3. He is a mean-spirited man who mistreats employees without fear of recrimination. He ordered a recently hired director to force out long-time employees. He created lies to support this effort.
    Beware, Columbia, MD!

  4. This guy is bad news, along with his henchman Kate. They have created havoc within RA. Just ask them about the recent monumental IT screw-up that neither took responsibility for.

    Kate made a very expensive mistake, and Milton just swept it under the rug.

    Good riddance Milton...take Kate with you as well.

  5. The last two comments sound like two bitter employees...maybe one former employee?


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