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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Week in Crime: A valuable tip to would-be murderers

It's probably best not to spraypaint a lengthy diatribe about your husband's proclivity for pornography on the driveway before committing a crime.

A Fairfax County woman who shot and killed her husband inside their home last year, saying she did it in self-defense, was convicted yesterday of voluntary manslaughter. Fairfax prosecutors sought to convict her of first-degree murder.

Marysusan Giguere, 53, did not deny that she fired one shot into the forehead of her husband of 25 years, Ronald K. Giguere, 60, an administrator at the Federal Highway Administration. He was found dead in the bathroom of their home on Crowell Road near Reston, just steps from the bedroom of the couple's two children, then ages 14 and 12.

On March 2, Giguere took cans of sky-blue spray paint and neatly wrote a lengthy diatribe on the family driveway about her husband and his alleged interest in pornography. Prosecutors had theorized that Giguere was angry at her husband because he had refused to take her to their son's basketball game that night and also because she was made to sleep in a separate downstairs bedroom.
Yeah, but did anything weird happen?

Update: Giguere got eight years in prison.

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