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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A brief but informative look ahead at 2009 (just 13 days late!)

And we thought we were late with our 2008 year-end wrapup! The folks at the Connection managed to get off their duffs and list some significant things that just might happen in Reston in 2009, a shocking 6/365th of the way through the year. (Of course, it took us another 7 days to post it, but hey--we're just lazy bloggers.) Among their predictions:

Five years of planning for Lake Anne Village Center will culminate this year with a final plan.
Oh, right -- the one that will turn Reston into Midtown Manhattan. Too bad the global economy will likely keep anyone from being able to finance any giant high-rises, complete with TGI Fridays and whatnot on the ground floor, in the middle of the Village Center parking lot. Next?
Stream restoration to continue?
Not if a web site has anything to do with it, it won't.
Construction of the Nature House should be complete in early fall of this year.
Unless Earl the Squirrel goes on a tequila and mauve paint fume-fueled bender and pulls a "stream restoration" on the building, if you get our drift. Anything else?
Reston is now the first unincorporated locality in the country to have a master plan for art.
The article points out, without irony, that one of the initial suggestions for new public art would be at the site of the newly napalmed restored Snakeden watershed. We're thinking Guernica, only with more earth tones.
A slew of possible amendments regarding the Reston Center for Industry and Government (RCIG) will be considered by a special study group.
Honestly, we tried to stay awake for this one, but it's late and all we could glean from the article is that it means that unless something happens involving "bylaws" and a "vote," no one will ever be allowed to live anywhere near the new Metro stations along the Toll Road under pain of excommunication by the RA, the end.

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