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Monday, September 15, 2008

Flashback Friday Monday: The Bitchin' Reston Expressway

Wow, a brand-new superhighway called the Reston Expressway is coming! It probably has extra lanes for turbo-powered rocket cars, allowing commuters to hit Mach 2 before reaching Wolf Trap.

Oh, wait -- it's just the stupid, overcrowded Dulles Toll Road many millions of furtively tossed quarters ago, as it was marketed by breathless Reston developers when it got here around 1985. We won't ask why an occult shadow of the Washington Monument is pointing directly at the future home of Michael's and Whole Foods, except to say that the designers of this marketing campaign had impeccable prescience about where we'd be able to find organic soy milk and fuzzy pipecleaners for craft projects.

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  1. “Breathless Reston developers” or not, many of the 40,000 of us that lived in Reston were delighted when the Dulles Toll Road was opened. Bye bye to the usual routes to get to DC by going through Vienna to 66, or Georgetown Pike to 495/GW Parkway. Can’t wait for rail…


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