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Friday, August 15, 2008

This Week in Crime: More Fun at North Point?

Several of our tipsters wrote in to share stories of heightened police activity at everyone's favorite shopping center with two -- count 'em, two -- Starbucks and one -- count 'em, one -- recent attempted abduction, Reston's North Point Shopping Center.

Since you are the place I go for all of my Reston news, I am writing to see if you knew why there has been a significant amount of police activity at the North Point Shopping Center this week. On both Wednesday and Thursday afternoons (or maybe it was Tuesday and Wednesday; I've lost track of days), there were lots of police cars and officers, and apparently, guns were even drawn. Do you have any information about this?
We could pick up the phone and do a little of what those anachronistic, frequently laid off old-media types might call "reporting," but this is the Web 2.0/iPhone/Twitter world, and frankly, we might as well be rubbing sticks together to start what our neanderthal ancestors might have called "fire." (Instead, we now use this.) So we'll just ask: Has anyone else seen/heard anything? Discuss this, as well as the decline of journalism, in the comments.


  1. I was there during the afternoon Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Didn't notice any cops.

  2. I'd heard similar things, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary myself. Isn't stoking Internet rumors fun?

  3. I think a woman showed up in a domestic automobile. Hey lady, this is 20194. Not freakin' Detroit.


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