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Friday, July 18, 2008

Election '08: As Goes Reston, So Goes the Nation (or at least maybe Herndon)

The Reston Citizens Association held a straw poll during the Reston Festival last weekend -- which, in case you missed it, was a great event chock full of live pan-flute performances and informative booths detailing the value of gutter screening solutions. You'll never guess which presidential candidate won:

Barack Obama – 134 votes
John McCain – 43 votes
Lest you think we're all mindless "sheeple" controlled by the evil liberal costal elitists who've secretly fluoridated Reston's drinking water, you'll be pleased to know that Ross Perot and Dennis Kucinich each received one write-in vote apiece.

Oh, yeah, the RCA held its own election, too, and this one apparently counts.
The results from almost 200 ballots are as follows:
Marion Stillson, President – 180 votes
Mike Corrigan, At-Large Director – 154 votes
Diane Lewis, At-Large Director – 122 votes
John Lovaas, Lake Anne/Tall Oaks Director – 55 votes
Barbara Burleson, Lake Anne/Tall Oaks Director – 50 votes
Todd Harbour, Hunters Woods Director – 44 votes
What's telling is that while there were only two write-in votes in the straw poll for president, there were 43 of them for the RCA candidates.

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  1. I think everyone has gone mad for president's election.


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