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Thursday, February 7, 2008

This Week on an exquisitely special 'Reston Heights': They Paved Paradise (or at least the Chili's) and put up a parking lot

Reston's Planning and Zoning committee gives the green light to an awesome new parking garage for the Reston Sheraton, which will replace... well, an existing parking lot, actually.

JBG Companies request[ed] to replace 165 surface parking spaces behind Reston Sheraton Hotel with a garage containing 309 spaces. The proposal would allow development of an approved retail building where a parking lot in front of the Sheraton stands today.
That building and the garage will go up as "market conditions" permit, so don't throw away that awesome cardboard windshield shade with the wacky oversized sunglasses just yet. During the meeting, someone brought up the question of additional traffic on Sunrise Valley Drive. But don't they always?

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