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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Own a piece of Reston history (aside from the original shag carpeting in your house)

In anticipation of its upcoming renovation, the Reston Museum is holding an auction tonight. Just think -- you could own one of the items that makes the museum so popular with foreign tourists.

The auction, to be held Thursday, Feb. 28, will have a silent portion from 5:30-6:30 p.m. followed by a live auction. Phil Tobey will be the auctioneer.

Items for both auctions consist of donated Reston memorabilia and items that aren't necessarily a good fit for the museum.

“We have a lot of other things people would enjoy but are not really appropriate for us to keep; either we have duplicates or they're not relevant to the history,” she said.

Lillienthal said one of the more interesting items is an abstract ink drawing by Jim Rosant, one of the original architects of Lake Anne Plaza. The drawing was donated by Bob and Cheryl Simon.

Another is an out-of-print book by Tom Grubisich titled "Reston: The First Twenty Years." Grubisich is a writer and former longtime resident of Reston.
Awesome book! We actually quoted from it in our very first post ever on this blog. Now if they'll just auction off some of their vast archive of design review board violations documentation, we'd be there!

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