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Friday, October 5, 2007

Who the heck is 'Spike,' anyway?

In November, voters -- or at least the handful of folks aware enough to vote in an off-year or whipped into a premature frenzy to vote against Hillary Clinton -- will chose the supervisor for the Hunter Mill district, which includes Reston, Herndon, and Vienna.

Incumbent Cathy Hudgins, a Democrat, is facing a challenge from three independent candidates: Marie Huhtala, Mike "Spike" Williams and Geraldine Butkus. Based on a cursory skim of a week-old issue of the Connection, here's what we know about the challengers so far:

Huthala was one of the leaders of the group that opposed development near the South Reston Park & Ride lot, and is pro-referendum.

Butkus, who's running as the Green Party candidate, apparently didn't want to contribute to the piles of bagged, unread Connections littering Reston, because she declined to be interviewed.

Spike's big issue is apparently illegal immigration, and his big selling point, according to one of his supporters, is that he walks "in lock-step with Gary Baise," the Republican running for supervisor chairman. Still, he doesn't want people to think all he worries about is shipping people off to Panama.

"I don’t want people to think I’m a one issue candidate," said Williams.
So, for the record, Spike apparently hates traffic congestion and redistricting. Also, he likes puppies. Lots and lots of puppies!

We're just guessing on that last part.

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