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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Meet Your Neighbors: Weird Animals

One benefit of all that green space: bizarre freaky animals.

This, apparently, is an emaciated coyote that someone photographed wandering around their backyard. Of course, Reston being Reston, here's what one person had to share about the experience:

Whatever it is ... it leaves droppings on my sidewalk and I have to scoop it up so my neighbors won't think it's my dog!

First things first! Another contributor had this to share:
Maybe you should contact the Reston Zoo and see if they've had any "escapees" lately.

And speaking of escapees, here's a cute 'lil critter that was discovered wandering around Reston a few months back. Owning alligators has been illegal in Virginia since 1991 (except for "educational purposes" -- whatever that means), but you can still buy 'em in Pennsylvania. That, and fireworks, too. Plus, they've got outlet malls!

Maybe we should do the Keystone state's tourism commercials.

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