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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Art Sort of For Art's Sake

The Reston arts scene makes its way onto the pages of the Washington Post, which provides an in-depth review of an interactive exhibit called "Flow" at the Greater Reston Arts Center.

The experience was "awe-inspiring," said Vandenburg, who noted that "sometimes art in a museum can seem so lofty." Sham's piece is more enjoyable, she added, because "there's an artist who's telling you, 'Let's create something together.' "

Yay! Fun! This being in the Washington Post, however, there must be a Deeper Meaning. How 'bout it, Post?
But even more important, Sham said, "Flow" gives him the chance to make a statement about immigration: When the public contributes to the piece, it's a metaphor for the contributions that immigrants have made to this country.

"We all contribute pieces to the culture and to the land," said Sham, 53, who was born and raised in China. "Flow" is about "creating a common dialogue on the things we immigrants do."

See? If you don't get it, you don't get it. Just don't tell the folks down Baron Cameron Avenue a piece.

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