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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another week, another endorsement

Incumbent Hunter Mill supervisor Catherine Hudgins picked up another endorsement, this time from the Connection papers. At the same time, she got as much of a dressing down as a positive endorsement can give:

But Hudgins has no one to blame but herself for the competitiveness in this three-way race. (Independent Green Geraldine Butkus, the third challenger, has had an inactive campaign.)

Independent candidates Marie Huhtala and "Spike" Williams are running because Hudgins has come across as aloof or arrogant during some public meetings where constituents felt they weren’t being listened to — or respected. These meetings — whether the south Reston park-and-ride public-private development proposal or the Lake Anne revitalization efforts — attracted concerned constituents, some of whom, afterward, became angry constituents.
Oh, snap!

The Connection papers also urge Hudgins to support the referendum on Reston's town status, "whether or not she supports Reston as a town." As opposed to what -- as a dessert topping?

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  1. I don't understand how they could give her that dressing down and then turn around to support her. Have they even LOOKED at her record and what she has NOT done for us?

    I've said it before here and I'll say it again -- you folks who vote DEM just because it's DEM are responsible for her continuing to do NOTHING for Reston and surrounding Hunter Mill area. Show some independence this year! Vote for a CANDIDATE instead of a PARTY!


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